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The people see the word “bestseller” so many times that when it actually represents the item you would want to buy this word is considered just dust in the wind.

People focus on the details and they simply forget that an item needs to be more than cash generating to become a bestseller.

At Diamond Essence the bestseller is the item that in spite of its price , no matter if high or low, is speaking through the “words” the person buying considers right.

The bestseller in the jewelry world are nothing but pure rains of perfection and delicate manifestations of the craft under the circumstances that such a piece is mainly focused on bringing out the best in human nature.

In jewelry, a bestseller is something fitting anybody, something truly versatile, easy to match with clothing, delicate by nature , sturdy by the feelings it creates.

The Diamond Essence bestsellers are the ones on the first page of our site. They are changing, of course according to what our clients prefer but if you stick around for a while, you will see that there are also a few items that remain constant.

You will ask why is that and we surely can answer the question. It is not their price , nor is the way they are crafted.

It is simply the message they send. That is what makes them bestsellers.