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You might have heard your grandma, if you were lucky enough to have a movie inspired one, that you will inherit an old piece of jewelry when she will be gone. Grandmas tend to cherish a locket, a string of pearls or an emerald bracelet so they can pass on to their granddaughters.

The funny thing is such a jewelry piece will never go out of style and you will be able to make it work every time regardless the trends ruling the fashion world.

What makes them so special? The way they are crafted.

Have you ever asked why pear cut diamonds were trendy in the 20’s and  never went out of style no matter how the jewelry fashion tried to overcome their classic look. You can say the same thing about the classic square cut rubies and tear cut emeralds.

The simulated  rocks look perfect in classical cuts . The classical lines fit their specific crystalline structure and the classical cut can make it so easy to combine them to whichever outfit you might have in mind.

Diamond Essence has a tradition in maintaining the classical line for the sake of durability but also for the sake of the unmistaken beauty the rocks retain when complimented by a crafted classical cut.