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he truth about fashionable jewelry is only one . White , transparent stones will forever be trendy  and the people choosing them can be sure they will have a stylish jewelry able to match any outfit , regardless the color.

What is Clearance?

When looking for the perfect ring or the perfect pair of earrings to match a dress of your choice you are surely looking for the right type, with the right amount of shine and structure.

The Clearance collection was born out of the need for a classic but trendy approach towards wearable yet spectacular jewelry.

Clear white stones  with a complex cut were matched with a delicate metal design and from the combination of the two were born the most versatile jewelry designs.

Diamond Essence  Diamonds

The simulated diamonds  are not only spectacular but also affordable . There are endless options for every budget and in the same time an endless number of designs to match any possible desire.

Simulated diamonds never go out of style. These are rocks of extremely high quality that will keep theit clear crystalline structure, unaltered during the years.

The ideal wedding jewelry

The Clearance collection is truly the ideal type of wedding jewelry. Every bride deserves to shine in this special day of her life. This being said a pair of dangling earrings and an elegant bracelet are the perfect choices from the this spectacular Diamond Essence collection.