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Growing old is meaningless for a woman for women don’t grow old but go fabulous. The way they learn to appreciate a piece of jewelry, has everything to do with going through life with the privilege of appreciating fine things.

40 is the age when women appreciate all features of a jewel. This is the age when precious stones can easily be matched with a glamorous outfit. This is the time when everything changes as perspective goes and also the time when falling in love with something is way deeper compared to a younger age.

A woman reaching this wonderful age has already learned to see the value of a beautiful jewel. Also for such a woman choosing a jewel is more related to eclectic classicism rather than the absolute note of a raving trend.

In spite of what one may think, the 40’s is the age when the taste for beauty is enhanced by the experience coming from getting used to see beautiful things. This is why the jewelries have no secret for these amazing women and this is why the sophisticated jewels are such a success with these women.


All mothers get to a point when their daughters find proper to raid their jewelry box in the search for something dazzling to meet they outfits. The truth is that in the end all will be theirs but regardless of the fact the jewels must be something you are fond off and you would not like to see them destroyed by young unknowing hands.

The truth is that gold and silver never goes out of style and amazing jewels are very tempting but how to teach you daughter to treasure the content of your jewelry box?

Explain to her that the beauty of jewelry is given by the message it sends and also by the amazing reaction it creates when combined with right outfit. Also you must underline the boundaries which will make it easier for you to manage : I want  – You can’t have situations.

In the same time , keep in mind that a beautiful piece of jewelry can be match by another which you can get for your young lady so she won’t be jealous of her mother jewelry box.

Take a look at the Diamond Essence sterling silver collection. Small and delicate pieces with sparkling simulated gemstones can be the perfect addition to your young lady jewelry box.


It is a common conception that women like to be surprised during the holidays and winter celebration is no different. As surprising as it may seem the modern concepts of gift giving kept unaltered the lovely tradition of offering jewelry to a woman you love as a Christmas gift.


If the colors of Christmas are calling this year for shades of gold and silver tinted with shinny red, rubies become the stars of the season especially if they shine in a lovely design of sterling silver of 14 karat gold.


Diamond Essence has proved over the years that rubies are perfectly represented in classical jewelry. The delicate tones gold in the lace patterned pendants are making a pear shape stone show attitude while a tear shaped ruby looks delicate and enticingly fascinating if shades of silver surround it making it a lovely earring.


The truth is, Christmas tends to make us seek further the beautiful things is life and offering spectacular jewelry is part of the privilege of sharing precious moment with the woman we love.


A ruby is most likely the sexy note of an outfit and making a woman happy, while she cherishes a gift you offered her can make the holiday even more beautiful


A coffee shop talk one of us heard a few days ago brought forward the most interesting topic: why would a woman deserve an engagement ring the second time she is proposed to if she is a divorce?

Of course that being in the jewelry business all of you would expect us to answer: why not? Still…in the jewelry world the jewels are mainly focused on bringing joy and offer a special memory from the significance of an event. Is the second engagement less important than the first? Are we the right people to judge how should love be celebrated and what kind of ring the woman marrying for the second time should wear?

The answer is : NO. The ring itself is a privilege. Offered out of love , the engagement ring cannot be measured by the size of the stone , the quality of craft or the type of the metal it is designed out of.

The significance of it can be found in the love the groom has for his future bride. Regardless of some cultures saying that it is not proper to have a big wedding, a white wedding dress or a very publicized reception if you marry for the second time, being a bride means being happy.

The engagement ring is not something you can set up in standards. Beautiful details will always be trendy and there is no certain design specially created for the second time bride.

The truth is…the engagement ring is the beginning of a commitment based on love…from there on only love can give it the power to link two people forever.

Many times when a lady wonders on our site looking for something new, delicate but intricate designed to match a fabulous outfit, the question why choose one piece of jewelry in spite of another makes itself present.

The earrinsg for example are a tough choice for anybody especially because Diamond Essence creates them based on the classical jewelry trends which are responsible for the perfect versatility of an earring design.

Hoop earrings, as the name describes them, are created to underline the shape of one’s face. For example , large hoops with a string of round cut Diamond Essence stone orbiting gracefully along the gold structure are amazing for a social event should you choose to wear them with a trendy updo hairstyle. Such a pair of earrings accessorizes a dress on its own without needing anything else to compliment their beauty.


Drop earrings, on the other hand are delicate, smoothly cut, focusing the eyes on the graceful line of the neck and complimenting a cocktail dress but also a classy business outfit for a company party.

We have to admit that we saw the snowflake white gold earrings worn with a flower power maxi dress but also with a hip outfit in which leggings and high platforms were the style notes very much in trend.

The people see the word “bestseller” so many times that when it actually represents the item you would want to buy this word is considered just dust in the wind.

People focus on the details and they simply forget that an item needs to be more than cash generating to become a bestseller.

At Diamond Essence the bestseller is the item that in spite of its price , no matter if high or low, is speaking through the “words” the person buying considers right.

The bestseller in the jewelry world are nothing but pure rains of perfection and delicate manifestations of the craft under the circumstances that such a piece is mainly focused on bringing out the best in human nature.

In jewelry, a bestseller is something fitting anybody, something truly versatile, easy to match with clothing, delicate by nature , sturdy by the feelings it creates.

The Diamond Essence bestsellers are the ones on the first page of our site. They are changing, of course according to what our clients prefer but if you stick around for a while, you will see that there are also a few items that remain constant.

You will ask why is that and we surely can answer the question. It is not their price , nor is the way they are crafted.

It is simply the message they send. That is what makes them bestsellers.

As surprising as it may seem quality jewelry work can be found in the most peculiar places.

In countries like Turkey and India where the jewelry tradition has become over the ages something so natural that every new design that appeared there was rapidly converted by the occidental world, the manufacture of the most elegant precious metal designs became something extremely easy to handle and brand.

The purpose of converting the jewelry art into accepting that true beauty can result from the effort of manipulating sources of elegance that can be found inside the simulated diamonds.

The common concept that the beauty is value has never been more accurately illustrated than by the amazing jewelry created from simulated diamonds.


The simulated diamonds have offered the possibility of developing a new type of jewelry, more open to the fashion interpretation and more accurately designed to fit everything in the market.

When the design was considered the most accurate interpretation has created and introduces to the market the right choices and the right way of recognizing the beauty of the design and the special creativity of everything related to it.

The artificial diamonds became this way the illustration of the jewelry art and so much more than people might consider them.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… The beauty is still beauty no matter under what form you find it.




In a harsh economy that does not allow us to bring gift home to the ones we love , I looked over the web last days and saw a bitter memory spread all over the youth forums.

Somehow people don’t get married anymore…

They don’t seem to realize the importance of this step, the joy of sharing much more than a name and the great importance of being a husband and a wife.

Call me traditionalist but I am used to watch people walking in the street, holding hands…dinning out …proposing in the candle light.

I was used to restrain from offering a drink to a lovely lady if I saw an engagement ring on her finger and … I looked upon the young couples going on honeymoons with joy.

I know this seems …old fashioned… but when I started creating jewels I was driven by the certainty of sharing an art and a joy with the lovers.

This is how I chose the green rocks as my tool.

I work with diamonds and other precious gems …and I turn them into perfection and passion through the love I have for beauty.

Jewels must be more that an item you spend money on. They have to be alive and carry inside them the feeling they were built from.

That is why I chose to create original custom designs.

I believe in power of beauty, in the grace of the perfect combination between a flawlessly cutting of a precious stone and the glitter of precious metal.

In my vision, the jewels are the sparkle of beauty created from that second when the world smiles and meant to underline the beauty of human relationships.

 Diamonanza is here to bring beauty.