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Life taught most of us a lesson when we were very tired or very lost among the many details we have to deal with during a day.

It is called a lesson of endurance and the way we react to it is directly responsible for the way we see our life. The jewelry business is of course focused on sales and this is why considering an industry wouldn’t be exactly wrong.

However, when taking the business notion away we are left with the craft. The powerful omnipotent craft that is able to teach precious metal and gemstones the same lesson life teaches us: Growing better with the challenge.

The Diamond Essence became what it is today exactly because we considered bettering the quality and only then the business. Focusing on the right details developing a way to make the best of the precious metal structure and cutting the gemstones using imaginative design and perfect details got us in the place we are now.

When creating a jewel we do not consider the initial output of its sale but rather the way the person buying will consider doing so because of how beautiful it is. We cannot say that this is the secret of our success, however if this reason doesn’t cover 100% of the reason it is surely a big part of it.


The emerald stone represents the best choice for spiritual statement jewelry. It is usual associated with the glamour of a high society ball, the astonishing image of the drug dealer mistress, the sparkling talisman of a witch.

In the international mythology, the emerald stone is associated with magical beings, summoning spirits and catching powerful esoteric energies.

At DiamonanzaGRD177-2 the emerald stones are wrapped inside “cages” of gold or sterling silver, and turned into magnificent rings, exquisite necklaces or fascinating earrings each waiting for a human emotion to come to life and buy them. The emerald stones bring energy, eternal blissfulness, the joy of completing a wonderful period of someone’s life, the best way to see happiness trapped inside a crystalline structure.

The precious gems we jewelers are doing our best to turn into masterpieces are brought both from the depths of the Earth and from the industrial labs. The stones we purchase in a market are analyzed and processed …cut into forms and linked inside the heart of precious metal.

Each stone creates a unique way of expressing the craft and most of all, develop a way to create feelings into their crystalline and complex nature. A perfect pendant with amethyst stone symbolizes a perfect beauty of a truly brave woman, and celebrates the joy of completing a task, whether that task is life, career or love.

An artificial diamond solitaire is the perfect occasion to link two hearts together, complete them and unite them…It can be an engagement ring or a wedding anniversary ring, but nevertheless is the ring for love.

Sapphire earrings celebrate something important that has happened. Whether they are a gift for a graduation or a sign of appreciation for age and beauty, these earrings are a stylish way to celebrate. For each occasion that needs to be marked with a special jewelry, DiamonanZa has in mind a design.1



Diamonds are the sign of wonder kept in rough matter and cut in shape to fit a wonderful piece of jewelry.

Every diamond has a story of its own. Artificial diamonds although considered fake by the unknowing public were created to save the costs to human life and environment.

The science has developed the process using the same principals nature used to turn carbon into stone but in same time brought as result flawless stones.

The modern jewelry adopted artificial diamonds out of respect for environment and even more for the significant price reduction that came after eliminating the exploitation costs.

It is just that simple. Without being less valuable or less beautiful the artificial diamonds are les pricy . That is how a diamond solitaire , perfect for an engagement ring is as little as $45.

The point of this jewelry industry is to make the quality jewelry accessible to everybody. That is the reason for which Diamonanza was created.




In a harsh economy that does not allow us to bring gift home to the ones we love , I looked over the web last days and saw a bitter memory spread all over the youth forums.

Somehow people don’t get married anymore…

They don’t seem to realize the importance of this step, the joy of sharing much more than a name and the great importance of being a husband and a wife.

Call me traditionalist but I am used to watch people walking in the street, holding hands…dinning out …proposing in the candle light.

I was used to restrain from offering a drink to a lovely lady if I saw an engagement ring on her finger and … I looked upon the young couples going on honeymoons with joy.

I know this seems …old fashioned… but when I started creating jewels I was driven by the certainty of sharing an art and a joy with the lovers.

This is how I chose the green rocks as my tool.

I work with diamonds and other precious gems …and I turn them into perfection and passion through the love I have for beauty.

Jewels must be more that an item you spend money on. They have to be alive and carry inside them the feeling they were built from.

That is why I chose to create original custom designs.

I believe in power of beauty, in the grace of the perfect combination between a flawlessly cutting of a precious stone and the glitter of precious metal.

In my vision, the jewels are the sparkle of beauty created from that second when the world smiles and meant to underline the beauty of human relationships.

 Diamonanza is here to bring beauty.





I like to see eternity bands on the fingers of both men and women.

I believe they represent a connection, a perfection of friendship transformed into a precious metal ring with small gemstones all around it, the symbol of eternity wrapped around a finger carrying the message that people should be connected in a perfection of wonderful feelings, sensing and knowing that the places of darkness and shadow can be overcome by the beauty of a wonderful ring.


At DiamonanZa we cherish the precious value of the human feelings, their magical connection and wonderful thoughts, the grace of all their wisdom and the perfection of their choices,


We believe in the power of diamonds of representing the best and the most exquisite feelings and let them express through an eternity band.



There is an old Latin American legend that talks about the Amethyst ston being born of the tears of a beautiful river fairy that had purple eyes.

 It is said the fairy felt in love with a young hunter that used to wash his body of the killed animal’s blood in the river that was under her patronage.

Every day the young hunter took of his tunic and dived into the clear water and every time came out cleaned and full of the energy of the water.

One day the fairy showed herself to the hunter and confessed her love for him.

They were perfect together and their love affair was the most beautiful the forest have ever seen.

But … on hunting day the young hunter was killed fighting a wild boar and his body was carried by the river at the fairy’s house.

He went mad with pain and cried so much mourning her lover that she went blind. Because she neither was immortal and could nor follow him in death she enchanted her tears into becoming beautiful purple precious stones as beautiful as the love she had for the young hunter.

This is how amethyst stones came to be.

This is only an old fairytale of the ancient tribes but the Amethyst stone tell a love story with every jewel created by DiamonanZa.

VRD190-2When the faith shows us the way people are changing we are the ones that blame the circumstances.

We are seeking protection from all that it seems to be harmful and wrong.

During our lives we wish for the best things to happen and we grow on them like plants grow on the soil.

We are the fruits of faith.

Faith marks us with a zodiac sign, and our birth is somehow supervised by the many wonderful things we see and do through our lifetime.

We are children of the world and we bow before its beauty and perfection.

That is why creating jewelry is more that just a business and even more than just art.

We, the ones that share this passion for beauty at Diamonanza  see the world through the beauty of the gemstones we cut.

We believe they share a bit of the ancient energy of the Earth and their perfection is the way the Universe shows us that it is there watching.

At Diamonaza we cut a stone for every month of the year and we call them birthstones.

They are wrapped in precious metal and create beautiful jewelry and if you want, the perfect birthday gift.













Consider a new day in which you are starting a new part of your life with someone you love. Maybe life doesn’t allow us to become the best we can be in a relationship but it sure gives us the chance to enter a world of light by sharing our thought and drawing them up without words. Emeralds are the stones of new beginnings. From the ancient times they are considered to be the mark of the magi, the stones of the mystique but also the jewels of the princes and princesses. They green light is a mark of joy and positive energy. You can wear emerald when you are thinking about the choices you make and the steps you take on the way. The emerald is the way of expressing confidence in your actions and the power of choice in your decision.  creates emerald jewels for those in love with the emeralds and their spectacular confidence. The  Diamonanza  jewels are made of gold and all of them benefit from fashionable design that underlines the beauty of the green gemstones. The emeralds reveal their beauty in this beautiful creation and become the perfection in the jewelry creation.VRD160-2

GRD106-2“Ever since Clara knew one day she is going to be a bride, she dreamed about the diamond wedding ring she is going to receive from her groom. She knew the ring like the back of her hand, the way it would look, the color of the stone, the way the diamond ring will shine in the light… When Julian fell in love with Cara , he had in mind a proposal like in the movies, one knee down , the music singing , a romantic night of love and champagne and of course a wedding ring after the dreams of his bride. So one evening, Julian rented a restaurant and hired a band to sing for him and his lover and picked up Cara telling her they are going for a friend’s wedding anniversary. In his pocket the wedding ring was waiting impatiently to show its shinning beauty on Cara’s finger. They set at a table, the music playing, and Cara being so nervous almost knowing what it would follow. Trying his best not to let is show; the young man went down on one knee and asked the big question offering the ring to his bride to be. Cara looked upon the oval diamond, so simple and ye so perfectly cut and held her breath. It was the ring of her dreams.”