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Many people say that the love for diamonds is actually all about …the diamonds.

What if a lot of them where wrong?

A lot of our clients buying simulated stones are fascinated by the spectacular craftsmanship beyond the cut and the design , exactly the features that make simulated diamonds a true competition for their more expensive, less ecofriendly relatives.

We don’t mean by the above statement that people should disregard mining rocks. Each person has its own vibration and as gemstones go that vibration is singular to a certain person as his or her heartbeat is.

However , when it comes to looking at a simulated rock, there are certain things that must be noticed and those are the exact features that makes every artificial diamond from our collection special.

We aim to find flawless stone resulted from the most carefully engineered process and we combine them with the highest quality precious metals . We choose bold and original designs, interesting combination of rocks, we follow trends and we embrace timeless traditions.

The beautiful cut, versatile design and shape but also the realistic approach towards revealing the true nature of a gemstone is part of the art beyond Diamond Essence brand we proudly call our own.



Winter is the time of the year when we step forward with special offers for our existing and future clients.

Diamond Essence Diamonds have a certain something that makes them the ideal gift for this time of the year. Beautifully cut , associated with specially designed metal, these are the kind of jewels any woman would like to find beautiful wrapped under the Christmas tree.

If you think that buying jewelry is a bit expensive due to the current economy, you better think again.

We do our best to offer important discounts to all our products and we offer smart solutions within every budget.

The truth is , nothing is more welcome in a woman’s heart then a new jewelry to flaunt during visiting friends or attending Holyday parties.

Consider a pair of beautiful earrings she would fondly wear especially if you choose a pair that will match anything in her closet.

You can also go for a delicate chain she could wear with a blouse but also on top of a turtle neck top.

You can never go wrong with a bracelet , especially in case you choose one that will have a timeless, classic design , because she will be able to wear it regardless of the year.

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Good question.

What is sexier in a man’s eyes than a naked woman wearing nothing but a string of pearls around her neck or a dazzling diamond pendant hanging between her beautiful breasts?

The movies and the divas playing ravishing creatures ready to enchant a fortunate man have brought forth the myth of the sexy woman for which a dazzling piece of jewelry can be a useful tool in capturing a man’s desire.

However unlikely this may seem the studies have shown that high quality jewelry can change the whole perspective a regular viewer has over the person wearing it.

The mind associates diamonds with wealth, rubies with confidence, sapphires with stunning intelligence, emeralds with spectacular seduction and amethysts with alluring magical attraction.

Apart from these interesting associations, the vision over beauty as it is imagined and worshiped by the human nature sees the woman as a goddess worthy of bedazzling. A woman wearing the right type of jewelry will surely be notice regardless the environment she steps into. The right pendant, the ideal pair of earrings, the exact fit bracelet or a spectacular ring can become the focus point of a silhouette the needs to be put in the spotlight.

At Diamond Essence we keep in mind the unique purpose of making the jewelry the perfect tool for seduction.  Regardless you choose to wear a simple but significant pieces  or a superb set that will surely catch the eye of that significant other, you can be sure you will make the right choice.






Being a young girl in the first college year is all about establishing a position. Apart from the fact that this time of your life may prove to be the best fun you will ever have presenting a sense of style will surely save you a lot of grief.

Most sororities expect their pledges to be highly into fashion and style so regardless you will be one or not you can always make a statement with the right jewelry.

Simulated rocks by Diamond Essence can become the ideal type of accessories you can wear both to the class and to the coolest college party.

The cute pendant

A round cut stone in white, pink or blue can be the ideal choice for an accessory in class. Regardless you attend a lecture or a presentation you can combine this type of jewel with a casual denim shirt or a loose fitted V-neck knit and you can be sure that you will catch the eye of a certain someone without vexing the teacher.

The versatile earrings

In case you are fond of wild hair to emphasize the free spirited you , or you are into interesting buns to underline your taste for study the casual classy earrings are always the best solution. The best idea is to have a pair on stud earrings , a pair of small hoops and a pair of chandelier earrings. Depending on the hairstyle you can choose one of these to look stunning during your college days.


When it comes to fashion, its cyclic tendency to bring back trends is extremely beneficial towards the jewelry owners.

For example , those fond of the opulent side of exotic colored stones and intricate precious metal designs would be glad to find out that if D&G brought back the opulent Dolce vita style, Chanel went for a smoother but equally opulent approach.

All major designer chose for Fall –Winter 2014 a touch of opulence. Spectacular collections containing daring stone sizes , simulated rock combined with golden polish, precious metals mixed with daring shaped of stone cuts captured the eye of the spectacular jewelry fans.

At Diamond Essence we considered this particular trend so we brought within the new arrival section the latest in designer trends .

You can find stunning stones, daring metal shapes, romanticism but also baroque, delicate but also daring, in short a multitude of WRDKR1106-2elegant contrasts waiting to make you shine wherever you go.

Fall is the perfect occasion to reinvent your glamour. Choose a unique jewelry design  and make sure you take advantage of the best combination of colors and metal to obtain the glamorous diva look you can only see on the red carpet.

When it comes to summer dates, very few guys consider anything but the way their date looks. The painful truth related to relationships is that regardless the conversation , the spirited way of acting during a date, the odds that you guys will end up together for the night or a lifetime are pretty much conditioned by the way you look.

All women know that accessories are part of the big picture but what if there were pieces of jewelry that would send more than a clear message to your significant other?

Your earlobes are extremely erogenous areas in the eyes of men so wearing the right pair of earrings may send the right signal that you are interested in his attention.



Leverback  earrings offer a confident appearance to a woman. They say “I am hard to get but oh…so worth the fight!”  They are able to add a certain air of enticing mystery that men read as seductive.


Hoop earrings offer a playful sexy look. They are ideal for women which want to promise more then kisses to a man. They are usually associated to a diva look, a playful naughty touch and most importantly the sexy side of you.


Drop earrings are the right choice for the women who want to leave room for some conquering. This type of earrings compliments a loose updo or a classy hairstyle. The drop earrings focus the eye on the neckline and take the guys to a place where they can dream of a warm embrace and kiss filled with promise.


A posh looking groomed gentleman is surely the ideal man type of a lot of women. In case you plan to go lady hunting this summer keep in mind that the free spirited bohemian look is still trendy but this summer also calls for the resort inspired Hamptons look.

The bracelet

For the guys with a special confidence in their style the bracelet is the perfect jewelry solution. A strong self conscious  guy will look even more appealing as he grips a glass of whisky at the beach bar.

The chain

A groomed gentleman will most likely consider a chain . Such  jewelry can peep from under a colonial shirt or a polo T-shirt.  Keep in mind that the chain is ideal for the casual gentleman attire perfect for the tennis clubs, the beach clubs, the Hamptons or the golf course.

The Ring

A casino resort may be the exact place where wearing a ring may be the perfect choice for a man with a taste for gambling and style. Choose a classic cut ring and match it with a classic attire to catch the eye of somebody special as you step on the casino floor.



Opals are known for their spectacular finish and amazing presence. Opal jewelry is believed to carry a certain amount of energy that supports decision making and big steps in life changing situations.

When it comes to Diamond Essence traditional jewelry you can definitely observe that opals are incased in classy designs and our particular signature opals are surrounded with sparkling Diamond Essence simulated diamonds.

Many clients asked why we choose this particular design and we take the liberty to answer them.

The opals are known for the versatile energy capturing properties. They support important decision and constant development. They also support spiritual growth and an affinity for discovering the true nature of things.

These being said may come as no surprise that we prefer a classical yet timeless design to the opal jewelry, especially because this jewelry is destined to be worn by strong people with a taste for success.

Apart from these metaphysical characteristics, the opals are also bridal jewelry. Their  spectacular warm finish , bluish hue  and delicate nature make them the ideal stones to be worn by a bride with future happiness in mind.





In many cases a pendant can change an outfit completely but in equally many occasions the wrong pendant can make you look too flashy, too exposed …too sexy for certain occasions.

With summer drawing near and the many occasions it brings for  looking beautiful  there is an infinity of choices one could go for while considering the right pendant.  Considering the fact that summer offers the chance to show off tanned glowing skin matching a beautiful pendant with your particular figure is the ideal option too look summery elegant with the right amount of sexy to conquer hearts.

The main purpose of a pendant is to underline your cleavage. An open work blouse will let a fair amount of skin show. This is why you should combine such a design with a small ,delicate Diamond Essence pendant  to not overdo the sexy finish.

In case you choose a tank top with lace insertions you should wear a pendant in a contrasting color. Consider how open is the cleavage and make sure the chain will not go lover that mid-section of the showing area of your skin.

A smaller bust can be complimented by a large more elaborate pendant design. Such a pendant can also be chosen for a date night or an anniversary gift. The main thing to keep in mind is to match whatever design you choose with your figure.


he truth about fashionable jewelry is only one . White , transparent stones will forever be trendy  and the people choosing them can be sure they will have a stylish jewelry able to match any outfit , regardless the color.

What is Clearance?

When looking for the perfect ring or the perfect pair of earrings to match a dress of your choice you are surely looking for the right type, with the right amount of shine and structure.

The Clearance collection was born out of the need for a classic but trendy approach towards wearable yet spectacular jewelry.

Clear white stones  with a complex cut were matched with a delicate metal design and from the combination of the two were born the most versatile jewelry designs.

Diamond Essence  Diamonds

The simulated diamonds  are not only spectacular but also affordable . There are endless options for every budget and in the same time an endless number of designs to match any possible desire.

Simulated diamonds never go out of style. These are rocks of extremely high quality that will keep theit clear crystalline structure, unaltered during the years.

The ideal wedding jewelry

The Clearance collection is truly the ideal type of wedding jewelry. Every bride deserves to shine in this special day of her life. This being said a pair of dangling earrings and an elegant bracelet are the perfect choices from the this spectacular Diamond Essence collection.