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Like with everything else fashion, when it comes to jewelry trends the best inspiration comes from haute couture. Since 2014 couture offered quite a spectacular insight into opulent jewelry let’s see what are the main trends you should focus on while aiming for a stunning presence at a formal event.


The Italian designers chose royal style jewelry for this season. Heavy chandelier style earrings, large pendant and royal byzantine crowns were all part of the complex and artsy jewelry presented on the catwalk.

Alexandre Vauthier

Heavy chain structures, multiple chain layers of different shapes and sizes, spectacular earrings and numerous golden bracelets added to the trend of jewelry overlay present in almost every couture collection. To match the trend consider the beautiful Diamond Essence chain bracelets.

Armani Prive

You can expect nothing but the best from Armani and the jewelry featured in the Prive Collection Spring-Summer 2014 were fit for the ultimate diva look. Heavy structural earrings and bracelets are part of the Armani Prive look for couture so if you plan to wow an audience at a party you can confidently choose one of these items.

Why couture inspired jewelry?

In 2014 the concept of jewelry approaches a more opulent , statement like style. Such jewelry is meant for the strong , confident woman who sees her accessories as a beauty tool that will make her be admired.



If you think that proposing on Valentine’s Day is a bit too cliché you can always come up with something original. There are many other interesting ways to propose than a plain romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. If champagne and violins are not your thing you can always try one of these offbeat but equally effective ideas for an unforgettably romantic proposal.

Flash Mob Proposal

You can also call for a flash mob using Facebook. Twitter or Instagram. Ask people to join you in the town square and choose an awesome song they can dance to…when the dance is done you can pop up with a ring and propose.

Deliver a surprise dessert

She might not have time for a fancy dinner…sometime people have to work extremely late. In case you don’t want to miss this romantic day simply arrange a delivery service to send her a box of cupcakes with the a proposal note inside. Make sure you arrive at the office by the time the delivery is made and offer her the ring.


If she is an internet video geek you can make a proposal video and upload it on Youtube. Simply send the video link to her mailbox and add a message the type “ You’ve got to see THIS!!!”. You can imagine the rest….


With the New Year drawing closer and closer, you have to be wondering about the latest trends in party fashion wear . The most interesting thing about this New Year is the fact that the trends call for a very eclectic approach as fashion is concerned.


Short long hemline

In case you want a sexy but trendy approach you can choose a dress with a flared skirt and short – long hemline. This way you can show some leg and be extremely feminine  without looking like you are trying too hard. Accessorize with a thin chain and a small pendant and you will look extremely party ready.



You can never go wrong with a little black dress. In case you don’t want to invest in a new party wear, the universal choice of a black dress with statement heels and jewelry is perfect for the task. Consider an amazing ruby pendant and earring s  and choose a lovely chignon for a matching hairstyle.

A sexy slit

A long classy dress with a high leg slit – Kardashian style – is perfect for a slender figure . In case you also go for an open back design  or a heart shaped cleavage avoid heavy jewelry. Instead choose to let your hair down and wear a pair of delicate earring and a matching bracelet.


There are many occasions when we stumble upon the perfect gift and we cannot imagine how to pack it.

Be it the gift is too large to fit in a gift bag or we simply want something more personal than a gift bag, choosing the wrapping is not exactly as unimportant as you may think.

Is the thought that counts

True but in many cases you are not thinking at anything special , but rather want to get it over with. We seldom make gifts because we want to and even then we find it difficult to plan ahead and set a budget that will include an awesome wrapping.

Shopsimages (1)

Shops will offer you a Christmas wrapping in case you buy from huge department stores like Macy’s or Gap, but when you buy your gifts online , they surely need something nice to dressed them up into.

Special offers

The classic Christmas gifts ideas are most of the times accompanied with cute little offers. For example , Diamond essence offers a free satin pouch for each jewelry order made before Christmas. This elegant pouch can serve as the perfect gift wrapping in case you offer it to a lovely lady.



“ I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” … Are you feeling the holidays mood install in your hearts as the voice of Bill Cosby smoothly takes you to the a dream of snow and bell ringing?

Beautiful diamonds are all about making winter time more special and more close to the heart. This is why, here are the 3 main reasons why diamonds are the perfect jewelry choice during winter.

They shine

Winter is all about glitter. Holidays are nothing without something sparkling to wear and diamonds make you feel festive enough to enjoy this time of the year in style.

They look better on anything

Don’t think jeans and diamonds…but if you do keep in mind to also wear high heels to upscale the outfit even further. You can combine a lace blouse , skinny jeans , high pointy pumps and Diamond essence studs if you plan to look awesome at a college party.

The can make any dress look pretty

That is very true. Any dress, however plain can shine in the presence of diamond accessories. The little black dress can be outstanding if you wear a diamond pendant and an open back dress can be tamed with a pair of diamond chandelier earrings.





Actually it’s all about the witch…

In case you plan to attend a posh party and be dressed like a witch , jewels are the best tools to make a black outfit noticed regardless how scary it is.

As you might know, witches (costumes) come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

So what kind of jewelry goes with what kind of witch costume?

The hag

Not many girls would like to be hags but in case you have a more upbeat personality consider wearing an emerald ring on your middle finger. Cool looking stones can make the hag-ish appearance softer and more interesting.

The White Witch

In case you want to be magical but the white kind and fairies are not your choice, dressing up as a white witch is the way to go. Choose simulated diamonds to add a bit of sparkle to your outfits. A Diamond Essence pendant will surely give you a Glinda look.

The sexy diva witch

In case a sexy costume is something you plan to wear for your witchy appearance, keep in mind that rubies are your thing. You can wear them in the shape of a pendant to add some extra appeal to an alluring cleavage.

No matter what you choose, keep in mind that this season, Diamond Essence offers the best offers on simulated rocks.


Fall is here and back to school days are here too. College days have come again and being trendy is something on everybody’s mind.

In case you are a college girl with a sense of style here are the best jewelry tips to help you catch the eye in a very good way regardless you are in class or sipping a coffee in a campus coffee shop.

  1. Studs for a sense of classcollageoxford2

The truth is you can never go wrong with stud earrings. Cool looking gems can make a lot of difference but tiny gems sparkling in your ears can offer the best choice for a delicate lady like figure.

  1. Delicate pearls

For a studied, posh collage look pearls are a true asset. Diamond Essence pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet can change completely the whole aspect of a college attire. A string of pearls can make you look even more lady like.

  1. Tennis bracelets

In many occasions a simple jewelry detail is all you need to catch the glimpse of the right guy …or girl. A tennis bracelet is both elegant and casual, both versatile and pretty looking and you can match it to any kind of college outfit you would have in mind.


If you are one of those girls wearing spring in your heart for whom it happened to have to get married during fall, keep in mind that your angelic self can be adorned with amazing ceremony , lovely white dress and perfect bridal jewelry.

It is a misconception that fall brides must wear colorful bouquets and have fall inspired jewelry , venue and decorations. You can have an all white wedding regardless the season and you can be perfectly in tune with the lovely fall themes.

Consider wearing pearls if you choose a princess dress and diamonds if you choose to wear an A-line tulle gown. Wearing bridal jewelry to get the most of angelic style bridal look has everything to do with the way you see yourself walking on the aisle.

Fall weddings are usually filled with people looking to see leaves and leaf motives but you can break the patterns and add fall flowers. You can find white dahlias, chrysanthemums and late blooming white roses.

All the things you love about having an angelic wedding can be achieved. If on top of all that you choose to shine and look gorgeous this can also be done with a set of sparkling Diamond Essence earrings and a perfect tear shaped pendant with the same type of stone.


Long gone are the days when a simple rock slapped on her finger made her say yes. The 2013 men looking to propose should be aware that the ladies have quite some expectations this year.

So if you plan to surprise her with a lovely ring consider the trends of 2013 to have an idea whjat to look for.

Emerald cut

The Emerald cut diamonds are surely something to look at, the perfect structure is fitted for ladies with long hands, passionate about long manicure. Such a cut will always stand out and she will wear it as a single hand accessory.

Cushion cut

Elegant square shape is extremely trendy this year. A softer bone structure and delicate fingers are the perfect fit for this ring trend.

Double halo

This special stone setting can change the whole image a ring has on somebody’s finger. The stone setting makes the ring look larger and the center stone bigger.

The Bypass style

The combination between a solitaire and a wedding ring is extremely trendy. The architecture of such a ring is both versatile and easy to mold on any woman’s dream. Consider the amazing sets offered by Diamond Essence wedding collection, because we did everything to match them with the actual trends.



Adele Usher asked us via customer support a very intriguing question : “ why are you so fond of advertising your stud earrings?”

Such a question surely deserves an answer and because there are other clients out there, equally interested in the same topic here is our explanation.

Stud earrings are not signature pieces but for sure they are the most comfortable and versatile piece of jewelry. You will see stud earrings worn by girls, guys, wives, small girls, trendy clubbing girls and posh corporate CEO’s. Basically this shape of earrings are both simple and cosmopolite, affordable but special, elegant but also casual…it’s all about who is wearing them and what kind of style they approach with clothing and attitude.

We are very familiar with a client that bought one pair of our entire collection of stud earrings just because she is a passionate fan of this design especially because she is a business woman with a taste for working out and swimming. She simply told us that stud earrings are perfect for any type of activity she attends and this is why she is so fond of them.

What you should keep in mind is that basically studs  are ideal for offering a gift but also perfect for whatever outfit you have to choose in a hurry.