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Summer weddings like any other weddings are all about the bride. However since the trends call for the bride not to be a bridezilla encouraging bridesmaids to look amazing too is the right way to go.

Normally it calls for the maid of honor to help the bride decide the bridesmaids’ attire. So if you are a bride lucky enough to have a maid of honor that will stand by you make sure you ask her advice about some cute gifts you can offer your bridesmaids.

They will most likely have to invest a lot in the dresses you choose so offering them  matching jewelry you will not only ease they expense but also prove to the kind of bride all bridesmaids dream to stand by on her wedding day.

So be smart and with the help of your maid of honor choose a delicate but significant piece of jewelry that will match the dresses but that will also make the most of every bridesmaid’s  silhouette.

Here are the best ideas:

  1. Stud earrings

Diamond Essence  collection of stud earrings is extremely variate so you can choose any color you have in mind.

  1. Matching pendants

Whether you choose Diamond Essence Diamonds or any other type of Diamond Essence stone make sure you choose a pendant type that will not compete with your jewelry or the jewelry of your mother in law.

  1. Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are perfect for such an occasion in case you have a larger budget assigned for the purpose or if you have only 2 or 3 bridesmaids. Make sure you choose a type that will fit all types of body shapes.



Once again we are about to enjoy summer and with it the chance of seeing our darling children graduating high school or college. Because this is a special opportunity we dedicate this blog to the proud fathers who have the unique opportunity in life to see their precious daughters graduate.

If you are a father and you want the moment to be counted as one where a jewelry present made a  difference here are some ideas you should consider:

High school sweetheart

If your girl is about to graduate high school and you are a proud dad ready to offer her a jewelry gift consider a Diamond Essence pendant and a matching set of stud earrings. She will be able to wear the set while on vacation and you will make her very happy because for a high school graduate a classy combination of jewelry will be a sign she is treated as an elegant adult.

College Diva

In case your daughter graduates college and you want to offer her something special, consider a Diamond Essence string of pearls with matching pearl earrings or a signature pendant on a golden chain she will be able to wear regardless if she plans to travel to Europe for the summer or she plans to take an internship to a law firm. Remember that your little girl is a grown woman and she should have a piece of jewelry that will help her feel confident in her ability to handle life.



We should say “ Welcome” to the Countdown to Mother’s Day 2013. Because we are very fond of the idea that all mothers should feel special in this day we will offer you guys some 5 interesting things to help you get them the perfect gift:

  1. Something to fit her age

In this day mothers are simply mothers first and women later. Offer her something she would be able to wear or use regardless the season, or the style she wears. A gold chain in this case in perfect for any age.

  1. Something to help her stand out when meeting her friends

Regardless of what you may think your mom likes to socialize with people she enjoys spending time with. Getting her a beautiful ring with a statement Diamond Essense stone will surely help her catch the eyes of her friends.

  1. Something she will treasure forever

Make sure you know her taste in jewelry because when looking for something of the sort you will surely be tempted to get something expensive and maybe your mom is a fan of simple things like a delicate pendant.

  1. Something to fit her character

She is your mom but she is also a unique creature, with likes and dislikes and if she is into a special jewelry color she will most likely enjoy receiving something in that color.

  1. Something that will remind her of you

If you will get her something to help her enjoy life and feeling beautiful she will always look fondly upon the jewel because you will be on her mind even more because of it.


SBD019S-2So many people believe that a truly beautiful jewelry is perfect only if it’s made out of gold.

However , the fashion and the social trends have both proven this theory wrong. Sterling silver has become popular due to its surprising 3 qualities which make it perfect for jewelry designs.

Easy to match with colored stones

The versatile structure of the silver color makes it suitable to match all nuances the precious and semi-precious gems come into. The sterling silver compliments their crystalline structure making them shine brighter.

Easy to match with any outfit

The sterling silver jewelry has the privilege of matching perfectly any kind of dress code you care to follow. Offbeat, classic, office style or clubbing outfit…are all perfectly matched by sterling silver.

Affordable, smart and enduring

Yes, sterling silver is cheaper than gold. However the affordability does not take anything from its beauty. It can be combined with any stone, looks delicate in chain structure and makes tennis bracelets the ideal female accessory.

Lats but not the least, we, at Diamond Essence make sure that we create durable, lovely designed and forever shining sterling silver jewelry. It’s our way of saying how much we appreciate this metal.


So many of us are expecting anxiously the moment when we will have the opportunity to offer our mom a special something for 2013 Mother’s Day.

Since the celebration is in April and the oh…so wonderful spring brings a lot of inspiration here are some tips for the guys out there eager to make their mom feel unique this year.

Be creative

Your mom surely does not expect you to be thoughtful enough to get her something extremely wonderful for this occasion. The truth is guys tend to overlook the occasion and this is why if you want to surprise her keep in mind the spring trends. Your mom is before everything a woman so it’s never too late to be trendy.

Keep it classy

When it comes to jewelry , a classic piece will forever be treasured, especially since mothers tend to wear what their kids get them regardless of the price, value or shape. Getting your mom a classy jewelry will make sure she will shine when wearing it. If you don’t feel inspired ask a girlfriend ( wife or just female friend) help you pick the gift.

Be detailed oriented

Get your mom something she could wear with any outfit. If she is religious get her a cross  pendant, if she is a fashionista get her a pair of stud earring, if she is a lady with a taste for elegance keep in mind a string of pearls.

The bottom line is …you should remember that Mother’s Day is special. Flowers will do fine but if you want to make an impression jewelry is perfect.



When we created the option of offering clients loose stones we mainly had in mind the option of offering the client the possibility to choose a certain shape, cut or crystalline structure to be incased in a certain jewelry design.

However , the recent trends brought forth amazing opportunities regarding how to fit these beautiful loose stones into the trendiest outfits of this spring and summer.

A beautiful evening gown will surely catch the eye of the audience if it would wear beautiful round shaped Diamond Essence Diamond stones around its cleavage. Accessorizing a dress this way can make the dress design not only precious but also immortal in the minds of those who see it.

Hair jewelry is surely extremely trendy this year. So if you plan to go for a 50’s look and wear a lacy hairpiece with feathers keep in my to bejewel the item with a beautiful pear shaped Diamond Essence stone. The glamour of the hair piece will be enhanced and you will sparkle even more because of the beautiful stone.

Last but not the least , keep in mind that loose stones can be customized to fit anything from bracelets to earrings and pendants. Still if you are planning to wear some offbeat jewelry you should definitely consider a large size of square or rectangular cut loose Diamond Essence Diamonds. Such a stone will offer a special type of personality to your jewelry design.


In many occasions we imagine that the right pendant on the right chain can make all the difference in case of a random dress. This is both true and false.

Why is it true?

A casual dress can be perfectly worn at an afternoon event or an official lunch is properly accessorized. Also a plain office shirt can become a sophisticated outfit with the help of a string of pearls or if combined with a spectacular ruby pendant on lovely gold chain.

The right type of chain can make the pendant position more obvious and by it catch the eye of the viewer in case you plan to be seductive in a long dress with a generous cleavage.

Why is it false?

In so many cases the right outfit can make all the difference regardless you are on a date, at a graduation party or meeting your future in-laws for the very first time.

In all the above examples, chain and a pendant should be very carefully chosen.

For example, in case of a date you would very much want to look both confident and sexy so make sure you offer your cleavage the exact type of attention you want to receive. A large pendant will catch the eye, while a small diamond will indicate you are looking for more than just a one night stand.




Spring comes near with March stepping closer every day. With its scented wonderful air spring also brings the need for beauty, the feeling of freedom and of course new, fresh and fabulous trends.


This specific fashion trend asks for straight geometrical designs and powerful contrasts. Make sure you fit it in your wardrobe combining it with beautifully square cut stones and dazzling rubies incased in gold.

Pencil classic

Pencil skirts and dresses are part of the signature outfits of the upcoming spring. Keeping this in mind, make sure you add a signature piece of jewelry so the ensemble will fascinate even more at the first sight. A large pendant on a long chain will make the hour glass figure stand out even more appealing to your sexy side.

Fluorescent colors

With the trend calling for bright, fluorescent colors is a bit tricky to find perfect jewelry. If you choose something colorful the dress will go unnoticed, while if you add something plain, the same will happen to the jewelry. The secret it to stick to beautiful simulated diamond earrings that will bring the attention to your face so your beauty won’t be hidden by the amazing colorful fabrics.

Trends change ever so often and with them the taste of people for luxury also changes. Regardless of the large numbers of lines and shapes ruling over the jewelry market, precious metals remain the most seductive choice for the jewelry passionate.

But…which of the precious metals are trendier nowadays?

Vampire movies, witchcraft  franchises and sci fi stories brought to the public underwold creatures and other spectacular heroes  wearing black and silver. Teens are surely conquered by their looks and consider silver the trendiest precious metal. Silver became even more popular because the latest fashion podiums brought forth for the Fall –Winter 2012-2013 intricate designs and darker shades , silver embroidering and rich structured fabric this precious metal looks so well on.

On the other hand, gold remains the traditional note that never goes out of fashion. Versatile and spectacular but also delicate and easy to match, the gold remains the signature metal of the jewelry world this upcoming season. White or yellow, incasing fabulous rocks and able to make any outfit stand out the gold is surely the star player in the fashion world.

If you wonder which metal will look better on the one you love, consider for these Holydays the offers from Diamond Essence.


You might have heard your grandma, if you were lucky enough to have a movie inspired one, that you will inherit an old piece of jewelry when she will be gone. Grandmas tend to cherish a locket, a string of pearls or an emerald bracelet so they can pass on to their granddaughters.

The funny thing is such a jewelry piece will never go out of style and you will be able to make it work every time regardless the trends ruling the fashion world.

What makes them so special? The way they are crafted.

Have you ever asked why pear cut diamonds were trendy in the 20’s and  never went out of style no matter how the jewelry fashion tried to overcome their classic look. You can say the same thing about the classic square cut rubies and tear cut emeralds.

The simulated  rocks look perfect in classical cuts . The classical lines fit their specific crystalline structure and the classical cut can make it so easy to combine them to whichever outfit you might have in mind.

Diamond Essence has a tradition in maintaining the classical line for the sake of durability but also for the sake of the unmistaken beauty the rocks retain when complimented by a crafted classical cut.