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Many times over the many years we are designing jewelry, we noticed a periodical come back of the flower design.

An extremely traditional one, extremely girly and utterly sweet the flower design pretty much lingered through all the trends that swept over the jewelry fashion.


The delicate design imitating nature remained successful and desirable through all the major currents and what is even more surprising, the notes accompanying it seemed to fit all age groups and even more all tastes.


Women remained the same romantics over the centuries and their taste for delicate looking jewelry encouraged jewelry makers to imitate the nature of flowers in the most spectacular combinations of precious metal and gemstones.


What is even more interesting is that the flower design is the most versatile one and that no matter what occasion would one want to celebrate with offering a flower a flower shaped jewelry would make a bigger impression.


It is true that nature has inspired the jewelry ever since the concept came to life. No surprise there since a beautiful flower can make an impression when placed in the hair of a beautiful girl.

A flower pendant can do that and even more. Diamond Essence took gemstones and precious metal and turned them in amazingly looking jewelry able to sparkle with the beauty of flowers but immortal by structure and style.

Not so long ago it was.


The fashion trends brought into the attention of the large public the type of jewelry that could be afforded by practically everyone and the world was pretty much convinced that if plastic and glass but also wood and regular metal can become the latest trend in jewelry.


The catwalks encouraged fashionable people to take a look into a new kind of jewelry- the one looking good for a better price and that is why jewelry became a way of expression.


Trends come and go but over the centuries gold and silver remained the top materials for high class jewelry.


In a world where diamonds are incased both in platinum and in stainless steel, Diamond Essence considers that beautiful jewelry can be accessible through using simulated stones.


Every bride should have a wedding ring and every teenager should have a beautiful bracelet. Wearing simulated diamonds is not making a compromise, for the craft of making them shine in intricate metal is equal to the one used for the oldest kind of gold jewelry.


Yes…we believe in tradition, but we also believe in fashion. The Diamond Essence stones are able to fit both. They can be impressive traditional jewelry but also cute fashionable things able to fit the latest trend.


The jewelry is no longer just a reason to show off the cash you have. It is an art available to those in love with it.

Simulated diamonds give the natural stones a run for their value. They are incased in precious metals like 14 ct gold and sterling silver and it is hard to differentiate them from the real one.  You can choose from the lovely designs available or even design your pendant.


There are many lovely one carat simulated diamond pendants available in designs as varying as simple drops to beautiful horseshoes. You can choose from brilliant cut diamonds in different shapes like round, pear, heart and even hexagon. Set beautifully in white/yellow gold and sterling silver, these delicate designs are fascinating.


One of the outstanding designs is a pendant in 14k vermeil/solid gold, shaped like a star. The center piece is a brilliant cut hexagonal simulated diamond set amidst six trilliant cut stones. It is truly a unique design. You can also choose from crosses, horseshoes and other elegant designs.  Another lovely piece is in the form of a drop with three one carat diamonds in three different shapes: square, round and pear. Elegantly put together it is very pretty.

If you are looking for some color Diamond essence also offers beautiful stones in emerald, champagne, pink, sapphire, ruby, canary and lavender. Reasonably priced these pendants are now more affordable with the ongoing sale. So indulge yourself and buy as many pendants as you like.


Naturally red or auburn heads are natures beautiful gift, though sometimes you may be flustered with what colors to pick. Not every color suits a red head, but the right color combinations can make those beautiful tresses look perfect.

The one gemstone you need not think twice about is diamond. If your eyebrows have shot you, bring them down as you no longer need to shell out huge amounts for diamond jewelry.

You can always opt for simulated diamond jewelry that looks just like the real one. These artificial gemstones have the beauty and grace of the natural stones and don’t cost the earth.


Simulated diamonds set in yellow gold will look perfect with your vibrant hair.   Choose from the wide range of designs available easily in Diamond Essence online store — earrings, rings, pendants, delicate neckpieces, bracelets and even anklets.  

Emeralds or other green stones will also look enchanting with your unique hair color. Be sure to pick the right shade of green that goes with your shade of hair.

Darker shades of green look great on people with coppery or true red hair, whereas lighter shades of green look perfect with cherry blonde and lighter shades of red.


Keep in mind that the right combination of simulated diamonds and colored stones will have a stunning effect.

When we first thought about creating jewelry the challenge seemed a bit too much especially because in an economy where the rich wanted only mining diamonds and the financial modest people did not even consider buying jewelry , this business was not exactly a mine of gold.

In spite of that , we considered that doing something out of passion was certainly worth it and doing it out of true respect and admiration for beauty will for sure turn us into better human beings.

Guess what ? We were right. Through our way of creating beautiful jewels we succeeded to bring a bit of new perspective in the world and make people see simulated diamonds with completely different eyes. Meeting that side of jewelry art when we could make people find the passion for beauty mirrored in the shine of simulated diamonds was completely rewarding.

The most fascinating thing about it is that we actually started to make people see the jewelry from our point of view and appreciating art and beauty sure started to touch people in a different way. Yes…we truly believe that as adding beauty to the world we can make a difference with out jewelry art.

Wedding is one occasion where you need to carry a killer looks with great outfits and matching accessories. It is a moment that will be carved out in the bride and bride grooms minds forever, so make it the best moment for them and you.

To get the right look, pay attention to each and every aspect of dressing. While the selection of wedding outfits matters a lot, equal attention should be paid in selecting the jewelry that goes well with your gown.

Rings are obviously part of a wedding and it is a must that you choose the best one that helps accentuating the feel of wedding.

Choose wisely between gold, platinum and diamond rings – whichever suits your taste and the outfit. Wedding jewelry design largely depends upon the pattern of dress that is to be worn. For open backed dresses, a lariat or bridal chokers will look good and for one shoulder dresses, any kind of necklace will go well.

One of the most popular choices in wedding jewelry is diamonds and pearls. Pearl and diamonds add a romantic touch to the wedding. Try wearing gold and diamond combination or ruby and Tahitian pearls.

You will be amazed by the loads of compliments heaped on you.

Diamond Essence saw in creating jewelry the privilege of beautifying women. The most important steps towards achieving this purpose were the ones able to connect the beauty of the gemstones with feminine beauty.


How did we manage to do that? The spectacular ways of seeing trough the realistic image of what a woman expects from her favorite jewel traveled from the challenge towards the honest need of creating smiles- those smiles that only a sparkling jewel can create.

The steps that followed taught us about being patient enough to discover the right way to fit a jewel on the beauty of a woman and make the woman feel passion for a special piece of jewelry.

We took the right steps in choosing to make art , in choosing to create unique designs and most of all in making the best choices when choosing was needed.

We took upon ourselves to bring beauty into the world and we believe we are doing exactly that.

Let’s say you want to buy a special piece of jewelry for somebody very dear. Let’s also say that that piece of jewelry can become your special way of saying how you feel whether you buy it for yourself or for somebody special.

When got to that specific moment you must know that your gift would send a message and also that jewelry in not something fitting anybody. Yes, the people tend to be picky and many times a certain piece of jewelry no matter how beautiful will not fit a person no matter how much would that person wants it to. The jewels have their own way of “choosing” people and that way is nothing but their express beauty and exclusive art. It is true that no matter how precious a gem is, set in a poor crafted design , will ultimately lose its beauty.

The same thing happens with jewelry fitting people. So it is true that items with preeminent personality would definitely fit people with personality. So next time when you plan to buy a jewel for somebody, try and see if you can fit the person’s profile in the jewel design. Be sure you will be surprised how fitting this comparison is.

Diamond Essence has a fascinating division of rings and of course many would ask who actually does the design.

The beauty of the design , the gemstones that are picked and the way the ring is created are all part of a jewelry making tradition able to teach a lesson about beauty.


Coming in various shape and sizes , delicate or outstanding but nevertheless impressive the Diamond Essence rings carry in each of their design the light of quality jewelry able to offer a perfect finish and exactly the right balance between the size of the precious stone and the structure of the precious metal.

The rings are perfectly balanced, carrying a specific style and also trying to match the dream and the preference of every beautiful woman or handsome gentleman.

If wedding rings and eternity bands are created to compliment the beauty of a relationship, the gentleman rings are meant to underline masculinity.


The ring design is thought out to carry all the significant wonders of a skill but also all the moments in which that ring will be admired.

Diamond Essence encourages you to dear and wear the one that will fit your dreams.

Let’s say you are used to be a diamond of a girl. Let’s say that you are used to get what you want and nothing can actually surprise you anymore.

Let’s also say for the sake of argument that wearing simulated diamonds is totally not your think and you would prefer the real think .

But how would you classify the beauty of a jewel exclusively by the quality of the stone? Can a gemstone be a jewelry by herself?

During the many years in which the jewelry evolved and conquered what is called light and evolution the journey of diamonds met so many challenges but also so many ways of expressing beauty.

Simulated diamonds were not ultimately disregarded but so many have judged them as artificial rocks with no real value.

Why is this wrong? Well… the most obvious of the reasons is the craft of jewelry that took on these artificial gems and turned them into the most amazing masterpiece.

The simulated diamonds are every bit as beautiful as the mining diamonds are. The main point is that we should not call one real and the other fake.

Each of the gems is real in its own nature.