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Long gone are the days when a simple rock slapped on her finger made her say yes. The 2013 men looking to propose should be aware that the ladies have quite some expectations this year.

So if you plan to surprise her with a lovely ring consider the trends of 2013 to have an idea whjat to look for.

Emerald cut

The Emerald cut diamonds are surely something to look at, the perfect structure is fitted for ladies with long hands, passionate about long manicure. Such a cut will always stand out and she will wear it as a single hand accessory.

Cushion cut

Elegant square shape is extremely trendy this year. A softer bone structure and delicate fingers are the perfect fit for this ring trend.

Double halo

This special stone setting can change the whole image a ring has on somebody’s finger. The stone setting makes the ring look larger and the center stone bigger.

The Bypass style

The combination between a solitaire and a wedding ring is extremely trendy. The architecture of such a ring is both versatile and easy to mold on any woman’s dream. Consider the amazing sets offered by Diamond Essence wedding collection, because we did everything to match them with the actual trends.



So many of us are expecting anxiously the moment when we will have the opportunity to offer our mom a special something for 2013 Mother’s Day.

Since the celebration is in April and the oh…so wonderful spring brings a lot of inspiration here are some tips for the guys out there eager to make their mom feel unique this year.

Be creative

Your mom surely does not expect you to be thoughtful enough to get her something extremely wonderful for this occasion. The truth is guys tend to overlook the occasion and this is why if you want to surprise her keep in mind the spring trends. Your mom is before everything a woman so it’s never too late to be trendy.

Keep it classy

When it comes to jewelry , a classic piece will forever be treasured, especially since mothers tend to wear what their kids get them regardless of the price, value or shape. Getting your mom a classy jewelry will make sure she will shine when wearing it. If you don’t feel inspired ask a girlfriend ( wife or just female friend) help you pick the gift.

Be detailed oriented

Get your mom something she could wear with any outfit. If she is religious get her a cross  pendant, if she is a fashionista get her a pair of stud earring, if she is a lady with a taste for elegance keep in mind a string of pearls.

The bottom line is …you should remember that Mother’s Day is special. Flowers will do fine but if you want to make an impression jewelry is perfect.



It is a common conception that women like to be surprised during the holidays and winter celebration is no different. As surprising as it may seem the modern concepts of gift giving kept unaltered the lovely tradition of offering jewelry to a woman you love as a Christmas gift.


If the colors of Christmas are calling this year for shades of gold and silver tinted with shinny red, rubies become the stars of the season especially if they shine in a lovely design of sterling silver of 14 karat gold.


Diamond Essence has proved over the years that rubies are perfectly represented in classical jewelry. The delicate tones gold in the lace patterned pendants are making a pear shape stone show attitude while a tear shaped ruby looks delicate and enticingly fascinating if shades of silver surround it making it a lovely earring.


The truth is, Christmas tends to make us seek further the beautiful things is life and offering spectacular jewelry is part of the privilege of sharing precious moment with the woman we love.


A ruby is most likely the sexy note of an outfit and making a woman happy, while she cherishes a gift you offered her can make the holiday even more beautiful


It’s fall again and with October we are getting close to the most nonconformist celebration of the year. We all love the Halloween parties, the idea of getting in costume and dress like villains or heroes but even then we are allowed to sparkle.


If you would ask who would bring diamonds to a Halloween party, you will get the answer: “celebrities do”.


What colors are proper for this task: black and red and for an angelic look the pearls are actually perfect.


If you plan to be a hot looking witch choose a spectacular pendant with a black or violet stone. Add a pair of earrings with assorted stones and anything black in your outfit will be even darker. A Halloween outfit will stand out with this type of jewelry.


Of course, many girls would love to be a sexy she devil. The presence of a ruby will sexify the outfit even further. Put the accent on your cleavage and make sure you look like a heartbreaker.


Be a black cat wearing silver or a vampire temptress wearing gold. In the end…jewelry is meant to make you look sexy in a scary night. 🙂



Many times over the many years we are designing jewelry, we noticed a periodical come back of the flower design.

An extremely traditional one, extremely girly and utterly sweet the flower design pretty much lingered through all the trends that swept over the jewelry fashion.


The delicate design imitating nature remained successful and desirable through all the major currents and what is even more surprising, the notes accompanying it seemed to fit all age groups and even more all tastes.


Women remained the same romantics over the centuries and their taste for delicate looking jewelry encouraged jewelry makers to imitate the nature of flowers in the most spectacular combinations of precious metal and gemstones.


What is even more interesting is that the flower design is the most versatile one and that no matter what occasion would one want to celebrate with offering a flower a flower shaped jewelry would make a bigger impression.


It is true that nature has inspired the jewelry ever since the concept came to life. No surprise there since a beautiful flower can make an impression when placed in the hair of a beautiful girl.

A flower pendant can do that and even more. Diamond Essence took gemstones and precious metal and turned them in amazingly looking jewelry able to sparkle with the beauty of flowers but immortal by structure and style.

Life taught most of us a lesson when we were very tired or very lost among the many details we have to deal with during a day.

It is called a lesson of endurance and the way we react to it is directly responsible for the way we see our life. The jewelry business is of course focused on sales and this is why considering an industry wouldn’t be exactly wrong.

However, when taking the business notion away we are left with the craft. The powerful omnipotent craft that is able to teach precious metal and gemstones the same lesson life teaches us: Growing better with the challenge.

The Diamond Essence became what it is today exactly because we considered bettering the quality and only then the business. Focusing on the right details developing a way to make the best of the precious metal structure and cutting the gemstones using imaginative design and perfect details got us in the place we are now.

When creating a jewel we do not consider the initial output of its sale but rather the way the person buying will consider doing so because of how beautiful it is. We cannot say that this is the secret of our success, however if this reason doesn’t cover 100% of the reason it is surely a big part of it.

Many times when a lady wonders on our site looking for something new, delicate but intricate designed to match a fabulous outfit, the question why choose one piece of jewelry in spite of another makes itself present.

The earrinsg for example are a tough choice for anybody especially because Diamond Essence creates them based on the classical jewelry trends which are responsible for the perfect versatility of an earring design.

Hoop earrings, as the name describes them, are created to underline the shape of one’s face. For example , large hoops with a string of round cut Diamond Essence stone orbiting gracefully along the gold structure are amazing for a social event should you choose to wear them with a trendy updo hairstyle. Such a pair of earrings accessorizes a dress on its own without needing anything else to compliment their beauty.


Drop earrings, on the other hand are delicate, smoothly cut, focusing the eyes on the graceful line of the neck and complimenting a cocktail dress but also a classy business outfit for a company party.

We have to admit that we saw the snowflake white gold earrings worn with a flower power maxi dress but also with a hip outfit in which leggings and high platforms were the style notes very much in trend.

The day you are becoming a bride the large majority of thought are spread randomly over the huge amount of details you feel the need to see covered.


Of course that every bride feels like it is her duty to shine dressed in an amazing dress and wearing an outstanding hairstyle.

Who ever thinks that bridal jewelry is exclusively referring to the wedding ring is very much mistaken. The bride must shine and this is the day when it is only logical for her to be encouraged and wear the most exquisite combination of precious metal and gemstones.

A bride should keep in mind that this might be the only day when she can be a princess and  wearing the right set of jewels may enhance that feeling of outstanding royalty.

Every bride deserves to be the most beautiful woman in the world in her wedding day and the jewels will add to her glowing beauty that certain touch that will make her shine in the eyes of the world with joy and high expectations.

A pair of blue sapphire earring can be that” something blue” in your bridal outfit while a star shaped pendant can make your dress looking even more amazing.


Make sure you choose the right shape and if you have questions feel free to ask us fro suggestions.


A pair of earrings is usually chosen by the person that is about to wear them or by someone who really knows the preference of the future earrings owner.

When doing that, the one choosing the right pair of earrings involves the sweetest decision making.

Think about where the earrings will be worn, what kind of outfit will they match, if they require a casual or a formal occasion.

Being the piece of jewelry so very easy to accommodate many tastes, the earrings are turning easily into the most perfect way of accommodating the urgent need to make an anniversary gift.


Still it is good to know that not every earring type fits every woman and some basic rules must be followed so the earrings will become a perfect accessory instead of just another gift she cannot use.

Long hair ladies can wear almost every type of earrings, no matter if they wear their hair down or they approach a complicated or elaborated hairstyle.

The short haired ladies look good wearing hoop earrings or stud earrings and the medium length hairstyles can easily fit drop earrings.

Blondes and redheads look wonderfully wearing colored stones while, brunettes look perfect with pearls and diamonds on their ear lobes.