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Emeralds are known to have a healing effect on the fourth chakra: the heart. Many people know that this stone is for riches and prosperity but in the same time it also has numerous benefic effects on the health of people.


The stone can help with spiritual growth, memory, clear vision, faith, communication, intelligence, joy, inspiration, intuition, sensuality, clairvoyance, love, sensuality, romance, harmony, beauty, serenity, tranquility, harmony, cleansing, unity, friendship, and justice.

Healing effects

Emerald is known to be a stone of spiritual healing and spiritual love. The use of the stone is usually recommended for ‘wounded healers’. In the same time the stone can be used for opening the heart chakra. People can use it to protect this chakra and also to activate it.

The heart chakra

People find strengthening the heart chakra important because this can bring growth, abundance, peace, patience, harmony, love, monogamy, honesty, and fidelity to their lives. Another benefit is that insomnia and depression can be healed with the help of the stone. Emerald can be used as a general healer.

The workspace

Besides spiritual growth, emeralds can also help with problems at the workplace. All people have to do it to place a stone in their office.