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Most guys and girls look for the exact type of engagement ring that will bets feature their very own and personal view of how they see their relationship.

As surprising as it may seem, it’s not always about the size…of the rock. The size does matter 🙂 in this case, but there are also a few interesting facts you should keep in mind when choosing such a ring.


A beautifully designed engagement ring must be equally beautiful executed. Look for a smooth finish as the metal is concerned but also pay attention to how the rock is set on the ring. There are many cases when at the slightest impact the rock loosens and eventually falls adding to the repairing costs.

Elegant and classic vs. modern

Depending of the future’s bride taste there is a style feature that must be considered. In case you plan to be a wild thing till the end of your days , a modern cut and an upbeat finish are a good idea. Still…in case you plan to be a fashionable but classy old lady you should choose a more classy cut and design for a timeless wear.

Keeping these in mind, make sure you take a look at the rings from our Clearance Collection, and take advantage of the exciting offers we created for you.

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