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Trends change ever so often and with them the taste of people for luxury also changes. Regardless of the large numbers of lines and shapes ruling over the jewelry market, precious metals remain the most seductive choice for the jewelry passionate.

But…which of the precious metals are trendier nowadays?

Vampire movies, witchcraft  franchises and sci fi stories brought to the public underwold creatures and other spectacular heroes  wearing black and silver. Teens are surely conquered by their looks and consider silver the trendiest precious metal. Silver became even more popular because the latest fashion podiums brought forth for the Fall –Winter 2012-2013 intricate designs and darker shades , silver embroidering and rich structured fabric this precious metal looks so well on.

On the other hand, gold remains the traditional note that never goes out of fashion. Versatile and spectacular but also delicate and easy to match, the gold remains the signature metal of the jewelry world this upcoming season. White or yellow, incasing fabulous rocks and able to make any outfit stand out the gold is surely the star player in the fashion world.

If you wonder which metal will look better on the one you love, consider for these Holydays the offers from Diamond Essence.



Many of us are seduced by the image of 60’s something age when the mother of the house was cooking dinner in a spotless flared dress with a spotless apron , perfect hair sprayed hair and a string of pearls around her lovely neck.  


 This image may not sound very familiar for the new generations but in spite of that the pearls are seen as a sign of high life and why not aristocracy.


 With the Gossip Girl generation wearing pearls seem to get back in trend and special looking outfits imitating the vintage style are the most craved company for the perfection of the pearls.


 However, in spite of seeing a teenager like Blair Waldorf becoming a fashion Queen Bee wearing a string of pearls with her high school  head band , this particular gemstones are mostly proper for a lady like outfit, a delicate cocktail dress or an evening gown that could underline the splendor of such a jewelry piece.


In spite of the misconception that  anybody can wear pearls because it will , without a doubt, offer a certain distinction to that person’s look, the pearls are a little pretentious if not carefully managed.


 A string of pearls would look lovely only with a flawless hairstyle, a nice dress or suit or simply with the most exclusive set of sexy lingerie.


 Provided you dare, you can wear it naked but that would require a flawless body to underline the beauty of pearls.





Guys are usually under a lot of stress before proposing. Leaving apart the fact that an engagement ring comes with a significant cost, the stress of choosing it is mostly fueled by the urban legend talking about “good and bad engagement rings”.


So many men get lost when sitting before a jewelry stand and the perspective of the right engagement ring is something they hardly contemplate on their own. The choices being so many, the fearful thought of messing it up may simply scare them out of the deed itself.


So many movies fuel the theory that women consider the ring more important than the proposal itself. Why do you suppose is that?


Do women obsess about the value of the ring or they simply are preoccupied about what will the crowd around them say about it?


The truth is somewhere in the middle. A beautifully crafted ring with a significant rock as size is not the common choice women would love to have on their fingers.

There are girls out there who would rather have a small ring but a stunning proposal while others would gladly show of a large “ rock” to make the fellow female representatives jealous.


When you come to think of it since every woman is unique so is her taste in jewelry. This is why Diamond Essence gives you guys the chance to smile and pick the right ring for your ladies. Pear shaped, emerald cut, princess style rocks wait to be evaluated by your eyes. Show the site to your lady. She will give you a hint about which is her favorite style.

When people consider beauty they not necessarily stop to analyze the variables of the equation.

What makes a piece of jewelry more beautiful than the other? One would say the taste of the person liking it. If this is the case and the beautiful variables are actually responsible for the impression a person makes on another person, the jewels will have the tender touch of creating the image of somebody.

How many people became noticed in the light of the cameras at select parties simply because of a spectacular jewel they were wearing? How many amazing ladies became famous after being seen with a certain ring on their finger or with a certain sapphire on their seductive cleavage.

The beauty of a jewel is not given by its value but by its fascinating design, delicate glim and sensational impression it creates in the hearts of all those looking at it.

Diamond Essence considers all jewel cosmopolite. Their nobility comes out of the craft which is able to create spectacular stories out of precious metal and shinny gemstones.

In our vision the rubies talk of passionate fires consuming hearts and minds, sapphires are carrying in the world the brilliance and the fascination of creative daring spirits, emeralds are sparks of soul, clarity of thought, pure drops of Earth’s energy while the purple fire of the amethyst is meant to encourage hearts to dream of magical flows and power of logic.

If the jewelry would be the maker of kings we would surely makers of royal like figures.

The recent trends encouraged jewelry to approach a large majority of styles and step out from the box of classical lines.

The large jewelry manufacturers considered the matter with dread because the classical lines are the thing defining the term of quality jewelry.

The beautifully cut stones became responsible for keeping the classic line while mounted on to intricate designs, complex lace designs made of precious metal and becoming progressive jewelry.

The question is: are the trends dictating change for the sake of change? Or are they simply challenging the jewelry world to become more open to the entire concept of fashion?

For example the New Arrivals section of Diamond Essence contains the latest trends in colorful gemstones.

The Diamond Essence sapphires, amethysts, rubies and onyx stones are beautifully tear-shaped and lined to make elegant bracelets in which the smooth glitter of the stones compliments the sterling silver or solid gold.

The princess style pendant is surely stylish and the elegant cut of the Diamond Essence stones can make the most of its stylish design.

The point of the new trend and the change created by it is to challenge the jewelry world and make it create daring designs for daring spirits.

Diamond Essence loves the challenge.

When seeing a beautiful lady in a luxurious party wearing a ruby, it is occasionally thought that ruby is a rare and expensive stone. Then its attraction comes into minds and with the stone’s passionate color, the woman wearing it shines more and more throughout the night.

Thinking that ruby is an expensive and rare stone is right. However, this value comes from the other side of the world and passed through various implementations to make it even more valuable and bright.

The process of adoring ruby became in a small town of Mong Hsu. Then ruby is discovered in Northern Pakistan, Tadzhikistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, etc.  the geographical differences give the ruby differentiated colors and sharpness. However, the color of red never changes.

Because of the ruby is not used mostly with transparent color but in color red, it needs special attention what to wear while wearing a ruby on the neck, ear, finger or elbow. For a big piece of ruby worn as a necklace, a low-necked dress might look good.


Also, ruby has a passionate attraction with its color, so the dress can be simple cut and simply colored. For instance, a black low-necked simply cut long dress can be brightened by a ruby necklace or ruby earrings.

It is also important not to wear too many rubies in order not to become the disco ball of the night. Long, curved earrings with a proper gem ring might suit well together. A ruby necklace with or without a bracelet can be a different variation.