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How many of you dream of a vacation on the French Riviera? All things considered , the Audrey Hepburn movies and Cary Grant escapades are treasures of what  the romantic imagination of resort lovers cherish dear regarding this destination.

There is a certain classic taste for designer wear and spectacular jewelry when French Riviera is concerned.

Here is the place for women to wear diamonds and if you can’t afford them the best simulated stones from Diamond Essence will make you look dazzling and nobody will know the difference.

The secret for a perfect attained look is obviously the proportions.

For example a floor sweeping dress will be perfect for a night inside the casino but in case you want to look amazing add a sophisticated Diamond essence necklace  with a colored centerpiece stone.

An empire gown will look stunning accompanied by a pair of hoop earrings and a matching bracelet.

In case you opt for and open back top and a pair of pallazo pants the right jewelry choice is a matching set of pendant and earrings preferably in an eye-catching color that will catch the eyes of the viewer.





A posh looking groomed gentleman is surely the ideal man type of a lot of women. In case you plan to go lady hunting this summer keep in mind that the free spirited bohemian look is still trendy but this summer also calls for the resort inspired Hamptons look.

The bracelet

For the guys with a special confidence in their style the bracelet is the perfect jewelry solution. A strong self conscious  guy will look even more appealing as he grips a glass of whisky at the beach bar.

The chain

A groomed gentleman will most likely consider a chain . Such  jewelry can peep from under a colonial shirt or a polo T-shirt.  Keep in mind that the chain is ideal for the casual gentleman attire perfect for the tennis clubs, the beach clubs, the Hamptons or the golf course.

The Ring

A casino resort may be the exact place where wearing a ring may be the perfect choice for a man with a taste for gambling and style. Choose a classic cut ring and match it with a classic attire to catch the eye of somebody special as you step on the casino floor.


With spring almost here most of you ladies are considering lighter and trendier clothing , more open neckline and most likely more fashionable hairstyles.

 This being said , this is the time to know what kind of earrings match which trends , this spring.


  1. The hoops

There is a certain 90’s influence in the fashion lines of Spring 2014 and with broad shoulders, flared skirts and boxed jacket also come hoop earrings. This fabulous erring design can help you look glamorous and free spirited. Consider large , bedazzled hoops in case you are tall and slender, large and thin hoops in case you have a fuller figure and small cute hoops in case you are petite.


  1. Drop earrings

Another spectacular trend to consider is the open knits trend of this spring. For the ladies with a boho-chic style , the dangling earring design with a spectacular  gemstone attached is the perfect choice.

Consider matching the color of the stone with the color of your eyes.


  1. Designer earrings

If you are the kind of woman with a taste for ultimate trends then the designer earrings from Diamond Essence are for you. Consider the design that will better fit the color of your hair and opt for offbeat in case of a trendier style, or for classy in case of a posh looking style.

Regardless of what you choose you will look amazing.