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Many times when a lady wonders on our site looking for something new, delicate but intricate designed to match a fabulous outfit, the question why choose one piece of jewelry in spite of another makes itself present.

The earrinsg for example are a tough choice for anybody especially because Diamond Essence creates them based on the classical jewelry trends which are responsible for the perfect versatility of an earring design.

Hoop earrings, as the name describes them, are created to underline the shape of one’s face. For example , large hoops with a string of round cut Diamond Essence stone orbiting gracefully along the gold structure are amazing for a social event should you choose to wear them with a trendy updo hairstyle. Such a pair of earrings accessorizes a dress on its own without needing anything else to compliment their beauty.


Drop earrings, on the other hand are delicate, smoothly cut, focusing the eyes on the graceful line of the neck and complimenting a cocktail dress but also a classy business outfit for a company party.

We have to admit that we saw the snowflake white gold earrings worn with a flower power maxi dress but also with a hip outfit in which leggings and high platforms were the style notes very much in trend.


When people consider beauty they not necessarily stop to analyze the variables of the equation.

What makes a piece of jewelry more beautiful than the other? One would say the taste of the person liking it. If this is the case and the beautiful variables are actually responsible for the impression a person makes on another person, the jewels will have the tender touch of creating the image of somebody.

How many people became noticed in the light of the cameras at select parties simply because of a spectacular jewel they were wearing? How many amazing ladies became famous after being seen with a certain ring on their finger or with a certain sapphire on their seductive cleavage.

The beauty of a jewel is not given by its value but by its fascinating design, delicate glim and sensational impression it creates in the hearts of all those looking at it.

Diamond Essence considers all jewel cosmopolite. Their nobility comes out of the craft which is able to create spectacular stories out of precious metal and shinny gemstones.

In our vision the rubies talk of passionate fires consuming hearts and minds, sapphires are carrying in the world the brilliance and the fascination of creative daring spirits, emeralds are sparks of soul, clarity of thought, pure drops of Earth’s energy while the purple fire of the amethyst is meant to encourage hearts to dream of magical flows and power of logic.

If the jewelry would be the maker of kings we would surely makers of royal like figures.

Let’s say you want to buy a special piece of jewelry for somebody very dear. Let’s also say that that piece of jewelry can become your special way of saying how you feel whether you buy it for yourself or for somebody special.

When got to that specific moment you must know that your gift would send a message and also that jewelry in not something fitting anybody. Yes, the people tend to be picky and many times a certain piece of jewelry no matter how beautiful will not fit a person no matter how much would that person wants it to. The jewels have their own way of “choosing” people and that way is nothing but their express beauty and exclusive art. It is true that no matter how precious a gem is, set in a poor crafted design , will ultimately lose its beauty.

The same thing happens with jewelry fitting people. So it is true that items with preeminent personality would definitely fit people with personality. So next time when you plan to buy a jewel for somebody, try and see if you can fit the person’s profile in the jewel design. Be sure you will be surprised how fitting this comparison is.

The day you are becoming a bride the large majority of thought are spread randomly over the huge amount of details you feel the need to see covered.


Of course that every bride feels like it is her duty to shine dressed in an amazing dress and wearing an outstanding hairstyle.

Who ever thinks that bridal jewelry is exclusively referring to the wedding ring is very much mistaken. The bride must shine and this is the day when it is only logical for her to be encouraged and wear the most exquisite combination of precious metal and gemstones.

A bride should keep in mind that this might be the only day when she can be a princess and  wearing the right set of jewels may enhance that feeling of outstanding royalty.

Every bride deserves to be the most beautiful woman in the world in her wedding day and the jewels will add to her glowing beauty that certain touch that will make her shine in the eyes of the world with joy and high expectations.

A pair of blue sapphire earring can be that” something blue” in your bridal outfit while a star shaped pendant can make your dress looking even more amazing.


Make sure you choose the right shape and if you have questions feel free to ask us fro suggestions.

The jewels are for sure one of the easiest way to make a woman smile. No matter the age, the race or the style a woman will forever be enchanted looking at a beautiful piece of jewelry she receives from somebody dear.

The jewels are created so they would make the most of the first impression they make. This being a fact the wonderful opportunity of wearing them will make the most of a woman’s reaction. Offering a piece of jewelry as a birthday gift has certain rules which can be easily followed. Since not everybody is a fan of pearls and diamonds, the person buying the jewel must follow the taste of the one who will receive it.

If the lady is a mom than a classical pendant , a lovely bracelet or an elegant ring are the right pieces to make her smile. If the birthday girl is a young socialite than fashion jewelry piece is the thing for her. If the woman is the woman of your dreams treat the jewelry as you would treat her.

Pick a stone to mirror her eyes, a design to compliment her figure and a craft that would make her smile thinking of you when she looks at the jewelry she wears.

The mystery behind a jewel design in not something anyone can decipher. The design is mainly created keeping in mind who is going to wear the piece and that is why some pieces no matter how amazing or spectacular are hard to match with some people no matter how much those people like them.

Of course that everybody can wear a piece of jewelry, and of course that piece of jewelry can be elegant and exquisite enough to compliment any possible figure or style.

But many people are unaware of how much can a jewel impress if worn by a certain person.


For example an outstanding pendant can look perfect at the neck of a tall person while a small pendant can look amazing worn by a mignon one.

The colored stones compliment any type of hair but when they are part of earrings the color of the eyes must be taken under consideration.

A large ring is fitted on a hand with long elegant fingers, and if you feel the need to paint your nails you should know that the color must match the one of the ring or it must be neutral, otherwise the ring will be eclipsed.


The main point is that when picking a jewelry, one should keep in mind how and where is going to wear it so it will make the most of its unique beauty.

Sapphires are those blue stones that can say a lot about a person’s feelings. Their infinite blue made Diamond essence consider them for spectacular pieces of jewelry able to express all the stages of the human emotions. Blue is the color of melancholy still the jewelry can make it look hopeful and beautiful, perfect to accompany a party dress , exotic enough to make a stand when associated with a complex hairstyle, elegant and spectacular and in the same time delicate like the wings of a blue fairy.

 The sapphire jewelry will keep in mind that truth is inside the wearer’s heart because the sapphire encourages you to harvest your energy. Take a look at a sapphire stone and ask yourself : “Will what lies inside my soul be mirrored into you?”

What is actually the main reason for which people tend to invest money and feeling when choosing a certain piece of shining metal which is embracing a sparkling precious gem?

As beings, the people have a strong craving for beauty and for value. Even if the beauty is something very abstract to define, all people agree that anything resembling the light is ultimately beautiful.

The jewelry and the art responsible for their existence become a live expression of the light’s beauty trapped in the perfection of the precious metal and in the amazing glitter of a precious stone.

Sometimes people tend to forget the actual meaning of their action when buying a piece of jewelry and focus on the price rather than the meaning.

When artificial stones were introduced in the jewelry business it was done to make the jewelry more available to the general public but also to keep the beauty close to everybody’s heart.

The art of jewelry became available to all those who wanted or needed to show their feelings by offering a piece of amazing jewelry.

Next time when you want to buy a bracelet for your beloved mother, a pair of earrings for your wife or a wedding ring for that significant someone out there, consider this…The beauty of that jewel mirrors the beauty of you feelings.



Diamonds are the sign of wonder kept in rough matter and cut in shape to fit a wonderful piece of jewelry.

Every diamond has a story of its own. Artificial diamonds although considered fake by the unknowing public were created to save the costs to human life and environment.

The science has developed the process using the same principals nature used to turn carbon into stone but in same time brought as result flawless stones.

The modern jewelry adopted artificial diamonds out of respect for environment and even more for the significant price reduction that came after eliminating the exploitation costs.

It is just that simple. Without being less valuable or less beautiful the artificial diamonds are les pricy . That is how a diamond solitaire , perfect for an engagement ring is as little as $45.

The point of this jewelry industry is to make the quality jewelry accessible to everybody. That is the reason for which Diamonanza was created.

VRD190-2When the faith shows us the way people are changing we are the ones that blame the circumstances.

We are seeking protection from all that it seems to be harmful and wrong.

During our lives we wish for the best things to happen and we grow on them like plants grow on the soil.

We are the fruits of faith.

Faith marks us with a zodiac sign, and our birth is somehow supervised by the many wonderful things we see and do through our lifetime.

We are children of the world and we bow before its beauty and perfection.

That is why creating jewelry is more that just a business and even more than just art.

We, the ones that share this passion for beauty at Diamonanza  see the world through the beauty of the gemstones we cut.

We believe they share a bit of the ancient energy of the Earth and their perfection is the way the Universe shows us that it is there watching.

At Diamonaza we cut a stone for every month of the year and we call them birthstones.

They are wrapped in precious metal and create beautiful jewelry and if you want, the perfect birthday gift.