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Nothing says jewelry gift more than a wedding anniversary. In spite of what you may think it is far from corny to offer your wife a jewelry gift for this occasion. Also …ladies be aware : guys like jewelry too 🙂

So let’s see what kind of jewelry is proper to be offered for this occasion :

What to get her ?

  1. Pendants and chains. They are extremely affordable and also extremely easy to match with any outfit. Depending on a budget you cans choose gold or sterling silver and also the size of the stone.
  2. Earrings. If she is a fan of changing earrings you can get her a pair of spectacular ones that she will be fond of to wear. Keep her style in mind.
  3. Rings. Of course rings are perfect for any occasion . However make sure the ring you get her is different from her engagement ring if she has one. Solitaires are easily mistaken for engagement rings this is why multiple stone rings are a better for this occasion.

Keep in mind that is expected of you to offer the gift in a celebrating manner and accompany it with some lovely words or a grand gesture.

Wedding anniversaries are truly special and we at Diamond Essence love to see them celebrated with a spectacular jewelry gift.


SPD1213-2The answer is very simple. Because you can afford it.

Beautiful white simulated diamonds are all over the Diamond Essence Christmas offer. Beautifully  cut pear shaped diamonds , square stones…oh, so trendy for 2013 and round classic stones are all there.

Here are a few tips on how to navigate the offer:

For the eternal romantics , for whom Christmas has to come with a grand gesture to be forever treasured and remember you can choose a beautiful  white diamond pendant in a platinum plated sterling silver marquise. What shape you choose is up to you. Just make sure you make the most of the 10% discount  promotion code.

If your busy life kept you from raiding the jewelry stores to choose something spectacular for your wife , make sure you take a look at the lovely pear shaped Peridot stones bracelet available in this Christmas offer . We are ready to ship it and you can be sure it will be in your hands before the Christmas Eve.

The main point to keep in mind is that we are so in love with Christmas 🙂

This is why we brought forth important discounts to all the items in our shops so all loved ones may have the chance and rejoice before a lovely jewelry gift.

Who wears gold and who wears silver?

Well …it is actually a matter of taste. With so many vampire movies setting trends of what teenagers should like, with a werewolf craze encouraging the fear of silver, one would think that silver jewelry would be far from being popular.

Actually it is quite the opposite.

If gold has always been considered as the metal of royalty, in the latest decades the gold trends started to dictate a major tendency towards the silver color known as white gold.

People seem to prefer the silvery color because it is more versatile. The combination of white gold or silver with a colorful gemstone adds a special touch to the gemstone. In the mean time the traditional yellow colored gold adds to the diamond structure a special kind of shine.

If gold has always been the metal of the rich and powerful, silver has always been the metal of the adventures, free spirited people ready to take on the next thrill or challenge.

It is true that it is a matter of taste and Diamond Essence knows this, however…the perfection of a precious metal jewelry lies in the craft rather than in the metal it is made of.

Yes, a pendant is certainly a sign of class. So many women are looking forward to a new piece of jewelry and usually guys are finding proper to offer a pendant as a gift to the woman they love.


Statistically the pendants are about the most common jewelry gift offered with a special occasion. A man would say that it isn’t as plain as a bracelet or as spectacular as a ring but in the same time…perfectly proper to celebrate something worth celebrating.


Leaving this aside the question remains: what pendant fits what woman?


Tear shaped pendants are certainly the perfect fit for ladies with generous cleavage, daring hearts who are not afraid to be sexy. A gemstone tear is elegant, delicate and sensational from every point of view.


Star shaped pendants are the perfect fit for cerebral creatures, women not afraid of showing how intelligent and sophisticated they are. Such a pendant looks perfect at the neck of a fascinating business lady dressed in a perfect dress and ready for a business cocktail.


Round classic pendants are surely the most commonly seen. The classic shape makes them versatile as age is concerned and giving one to your daughter and one to your mother will be appropriate and welcome. The round shape is also the easiest to match with any possible outfit so any woman would enjoy such a pendant.

Life taught most of us a lesson when we were very tired or very lost among the many details we have to deal with during a day.

It is called a lesson of endurance and the way we react to it is directly responsible for the way we see our life. The jewelry business is of course focused on sales and this is why considering an industry wouldn’t be exactly wrong.

However, when taking the business notion away we are left with the craft. The powerful omnipotent craft that is able to teach precious metal and gemstones the same lesson life teaches us: Growing better with the challenge.

The Diamond Essence became what it is today exactly because we considered bettering the quality and only then the business. Focusing on the right details developing a way to make the best of the precious metal structure and cutting the gemstones using imaginative design and perfect details got us in the place we are now.

When creating a jewel we do not consider the initial output of its sale but rather the way the person buying will consider doing so because of how beautiful it is. We cannot say that this is the secret of our success, however if this reason doesn’t cover 100% of the reason it is surely a big part of it.

The recent trends encouraged jewelry to approach a large majority of styles and step out from the box of classical lines.

The large jewelry manufacturers considered the matter with dread because the classical lines are the thing defining the term of quality jewelry.

The beautifully cut stones became responsible for keeping the classic line while mounted on to intricate designs, complex lace designs made of precious metal and becoming progressive jewelry.

The question is: are the trends dictating change for the sake of change? Or are they simply challenging the jewelry world to become more open to the entire concept of fashion?

For example the New Arrivals section of Diamond Essence contains the latest trends in colorful gemstones.

The Diamond Essence sapphires, amethysts, rubies and onyx stones are beautifully tear-shaped and lined to make elegant bracelets in which the smooth glitter of the stones compliments the sterling silver or solid gold.

The princess style pendant is surely stylish and the elegant cut of the Diamond Essence stones can make the most of its stylish design.

The point of the new trend and the change created by it is to challenge the jewelry world and make it create daring designs for daring spirits.

Diamond Essence loves the challenge.

Diamond Essence saw in creating jewelry the privilege of beautifying women. The most important steps towards achieving this purpose were the ones able to connect the beauty of the gemstones with feminine beauty.


How did we manage to do that? The spectacular ways of seeing trough the realistic image of what a woman expects from her favorite jewel traveled from the challenge towards the honest need of creating smiles- those smiles that only a sparkling jewel can create.

The steps that followed taught us about being patient enough to discover the right way to fit a jewel on the beauty of a woman and make the woman feel passion for a special piece of jewelry.

We took the right steps in choosing to make art , in choosing to create unique designs and most of all in making the best choices when choosing was needed.

We took upon ourselves to bring beauty into the world and we believe we are doing exactly that.

Diamond Essence was asked why does it like to surprise its clients with personalized designs and why does it take the time to indulge the wimp of the clients.

The answer is: because we like to.

Taking time to see the client’s vision in jewelry is certainly making us unique.

We like to see the jewels through the eyes of the client and allow the client to make his or her presence known in the jewelry they will wear.


It takes time and vision to see through people’s eyes but we developed the skill and the patience to understand exactly what our clients need so we would be able to offer them the best experience in wearing a jewelry.

Creating custom made jewel is really a delightful experience for nothing is more rewarding than to see a truly amazed client that saw coming true a beautiful jewelry dream.


Indeed the challenge is big but a true jeweler knows that nothing beats a challenge more than the right way to approach the vision behind it.

Many times when we take a look inside our jewelry case we tend to pick a certain piece in spite of the fact that one other may fit better the outfit we wear. Did it happen to do not want to wear your otherwise favorite necklace especially because you did not feel like it? Well many people find themselves in the exact same position not knowing exactly why this thing happens.

The answer lies in the powerful connection we have with our precious jewel. For example, a certain pendant does not necessarily have to be extremely beautiful or extremely pricy for you to always want it at your neck.

The explanation lies in the message the jewels send to your intellect and exactly that message is what fascinates you about it.

Diamond rings are associated with true love, long lasting feelings, enduring relationships. Are you still wondering why is it hard to take your engagement ring off?

Ruby stones pendants express confidence and sexuality so there is no wonder you will want to wear it with a sexy dress.

Sapphire jewelry underline your sparkling intelligence. No matter how hard it is to match are you surprise to want it on when you attend and important business meeting.

Emeralds tell all about your creativity so next time you feel like showing of some cool thing you done you will be amazed to feel an attraction to that stone.

The spring time connects all spirits of the world  and sky into he joy of seeing the beauy reborn.
Diamond essence sees spring like the perfect opportunity of showing off the majestic beauty of a truly magnificent jewelry.
The gemstones used in the pendants are each of them carrying a story, a love story dedicated to the majestic nature.

The delicate art of the jewelry can only be described by the way the precious metal embraces the glaze of the stone, making the best simulated diamonds shine on the hand or at the neck of a woman.

The spring is best time to bring something new and beautiful into your life. The jewels are the perfect occasion of letting your heart be connected to the most wonderful way of saying all the right things when you are out of words.