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A gemstone should be bought, treasured and admired especially when kept inside an amazing craftsmanship of precious metal.

The jewelry industry of today creates the best of the pieces out of the thin air and pure creativity.

When you are a person looking for beauty you may find it in jewelry but you may also find it in the way that jewelry was created.

Nothing is better than the right ring for the woman you love, the right necklace for the anniversary of your dear mother, the right choice of bracelet for the graduation of your daughter.

 Jewels are there to be admired, made to shine, create to see the light in people.

They do not have to cost a fortune to be worth a fortune of feelings and the treasure in them makes them more precious when they are offered from the heart fitting exactly the type of occasion they were created for.





In a harsh economy that does not allow us to bring gift home to the ones we love , I looked over the web last days and saw a bitter memory spread all over the youth forums.

Somehow people don’t get married anymore…

They don’t seem to realize the importance of this step, the joy of sharing much more than a name and the great importance of being a husband and a wife.

Call me traditionalist but I am used to watch people walking in the street, holding hands…dinning out …proposing in the candle light.

I was used to restrain from offering a drink to a lovely lady if I saw an engagement ring on her finger and … I looked upon the young couples going on honeymoons with joy.

I know this seems …old fashioned… but when I started creating jewels I was driven by the certainty of sharing an art and a joy with the lovers.

This is how I chose the green rocks as my tool.

I work with diamonds and other precious gems …and I turn them into perfection and passion through the love I have for beauty.

Jewels must be more that an item you spend money on. They have to be alive and carry inside them the feeling they were built from.

That is why I chose to create original custom designs.

I believe in power of beauty, in the grace of the perfect combination between a flawlessly cutting of a precious stone and the glitter of precious metal.

In my vision, the jewels are the sparkle of beauty created from that second when the world smiles and meant to underline the beauty of human relationships.

 Diamonanza is here to bring beauty.















Consider a new day in which you are starting a new part of your life with someone you love. Maybe life doesn’t allow us to become the best we can be in a relationship but it sure gives us the chance to enter a world of light by sharing our thought and drawing them up without words. Emeralds are the stones of new beginnings. From the ancient times they are considered to be the mark of the magi, the stones of the mystique but also the jewels of the princes and princesses. They green light is a mark of joy and positive energy. You can wear emerald when you are thinking about the choices you make and the steps you take on the way. The emerald is the way of expressing confidence in your actions and the power of choice in your decision.  creates emerald jewels for those in love with the emeralds and their spectacular confidence. The  Diamonanza  jewels are made of gold and all of them benefit from fashionable design that underlines the beauty of the green gemstones. The emeralds reveal their beauty in this beautiful creation and become the perfection in the jewelry creation.VRD160-2



DiamonanZa was created as a live expression of the love for the art of jewelry.

Twenty years ago the craft of jewelers was appreciated mostly by a segment of population who afforded to spend in style considering investment in precious metals and stones a way of making a social statement.

From its very birth DiamonanZa  had as target the metamorphoses of gemstones in order to achieve the fulfillment of an impossible dream of opening the doors of jewelry art to anyone.

The tradition of jewelry created by DiamonanZa brought in the world of fashion and accessories the artificial gemstones mounted in precious metal and transformed in works of art.

The line of DiamonanZa jewels was born from the passion of making the class jewels available to the general public.

The pieces created in this tradition extend on a wide range of classy but stylish masterpieces designed to fit the dream of any passionate jewelry collector.

Here at  a perfect gift for an anniversary is easy to find when searching a unique piece whether in question is a clear artificial diamond or a lab created sapphire trapped inside a yellow or white gold work of art.

An impressive history and tradition in jewelry making makes DiamonanZa the perfect place to make a wish come true and a lot more than an ordinary online jewelry shop.1