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Who wears gold and who wears silver?

Well …it is actually a matter of taste. With so many vampire movies setting trends of what teenagers should like, with a werewolf craze encouraging the fear of silver, one would think that silver jewelry would be far from being popular.

Actually it is quite the opposite.

If gold has always been considered as the metal of royalty, in the latest decades the gold trends started to dictate a major tendency towards the silver color known as white gold.

People seem to prefer the silvery color because it is more versatile. The combination of white gold or silver with a colorful gemstone adds a special touch to the gemstone. In the mean time the traditional yellow colored gold adds to the diamond structure a special kind of shine.

If gold has always been the metal of the rich and powerful, silver has always been the metal of the adventures, free spirited people ready to take on the next thrill or challenge.

It is true that it is a matter of taste and Diamond Essence knows this, however…the perfection of a precious metal jewelry lies in the craft rather than in the metal it is made of.


Yes, a pendant is certainly a sign of class. So many women are looking forward to a new piece of jewelry and usually guys are finding proper to offer a pendant as a gift to the woman they love.


Statistically the pendants are about the most common jewelry gift offered with a special occasion. A man would say that it isn’t as plain as a bracelet or as spectacular as a ring but in the same time…perfectly proper to celebrate something worth celebrating.


Leaving this aside the question remains: what pendant fits what woman?


Tear shaped pendants are certainly the perfect fit for ladies with generous cleavage, daring hearts who are not afraid to be sexy. A gemstone tear is elegant, delicate and sensational from every point of view.


Star shaped pendants are the perfect fit for cerebral creatures, women not afraid of showing how intelligent and sophisticated they are. Such a pendant looks perfect at the neck of a fascinating business lady dressed in a perfect dress and ready for a business cocktail.


Round classic pendants are surely the most commonly seen. The classic shape makes them versatile as age is concerned and giving one to your daughter and one to your mother will be appropriate and welcome. The round shape is also the easiest to match with any possible outfit so any woman would enjoy such a pendant.



If I were to choose between the chance to create a jewel and write a book I would choose the first.

It is not that this is the thing I do everyday but it is just the way my heart feels when I see a perfect piece of jewelry worn by a wonderful woman and her smile mirrors into the glamour of the stone.

I watch over the world lately and I see it polished and cut like my diamonds. I see relationships going through situations harder than diamonds.

The life treats people strangely similar like I treat my gemstones. As I polish the diamonds they are becoming more beautiful, their light shines better under the rays of the sun.

People brake under the razor blade of life. They are being polished and turn into masterpieces. They are just more fragile than diamonds and they take longer to understand that they are turning into masterpieces.

Every piece of jewelry created is dedicated to the beauty of human nature and its magical way of becoming a precious diamond.





So many times we wait too long before telling someone what they mean to us.

Life makes us tough and misunderstood; it shows us many reasons for which to stay away from people.

This kind of mistake is responsible for the trials we are facing.

Life is like an artificial diamond – the result of a machine’s craftsmanship that creates it from an ordinary matter a masterpiece.

For as the machine is our mind and the ordinary matter our will that drives us through everything.

If we resemble our lived with the process it is easy to find the pressure and the hard work that results a diamond.

Many times we are not treated fair and life doesn’t put velvet gloves while handling us.

We are burned, polished and made to shine because of our every day trials.

The hardship makes us better and that is why we can call diamonds our second nature.

This is the concept DiamonanZa  is giving its best to achieve.

The perfection of diamonds must mirror the perfection of human nature because offering a diamond as a gift it’s a sign of recognition of the person’s value, the diamond gift is for.