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Opals are known for their spectacular finish and amazing presence. Opal jewelry is believed to carry a certain amount of energy that supports decision making and big steps in life changing situations.

When it comes to Diamond Essence traditional jewelry you can definitely observe that opals are incased in classy designs and our particular signature opals are surrounded with sparkling Diamond Essence simulated diamonds.

Many clients asked why we choose this particular design and we take the liberty to answer them.

The opals are known for the versatile energy capturing properties. They support important decision and constant development. They also support spiritual growth and an affinity for discovering the true nature of things.

These being said may come as no surprise that we prefer a classical yet timeless design to the opal jewelry, especially because this jewelry is destined to be worn by strong people with a taste for success.

Apart from these metaphysical characteristics, the opals are also bridal jewelry. Their  spectacular warm finish , bluish hue  and delicate nature make them the ideal stones to be worn by a bride with future happiness in mind.