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Brides are generally generous when it comes to choosing bridesmaids gifts . If the bridesmaids are her BFF’s it comes as no surprise that she would want to give them something to help them remember the happy event they stood by her side.

Every bride knows that it is a good idea to go for jewelry gift especially if the bridesmaids are not in a large number and you know their taste.

This being said, what kind of jewelry is proper for such an occasion? The secret is to offer something meaningful enough to conquer them but also something reasonably priced so you would look good without shedding a lot of cash.

Gold and silver jewelry are always welcome and beautiful little stones can make all the difference especially if they fit as color the bridesmaid dress you , the bride, chose for them.

If you find it hard to make up your mind make sure you check out the cute tennis bracelets offered by Diamond Essence. Lovely little gems incased in delicate structures of metal are perfect for underlining the feminine nature of your bridesmaids.

Be smart about this matter and also if you would prefer a pair of stud earrings for the same purpose you can be sure it is a good idea.


Growing old is meaningless for a woman for women don’t grow old but go fabulous. The way they learn to appreciate a piece of jewelry, has everything to do with going through life with the privilege of appreciating fine things.

40 is the age when women appreciate all features of a jewel. This is the age when precious stones can easily be matched with a glamorous outfit. This is the time when everything changes as perspective goes and also the time when falling in love with something is way deeper compared to a younger age.

A woman reaching this wonderful age has already learned to see the value of a beautiful jewel. Also for such a woman choosing a jewel is more related to eclectic classicism rather than the absolute note of a raving trend.

In spite of what one may think, the 40’s is the age when the taste for beauty is enhanced by the experience coming from getting used to see beautiful things. This is why the jewelries have no secret for these amazing women and this is why the sophisticated jewels are such a success with these women.


It is a common conception that women like to be surprised during the holidays and winter celebration is no different. As surprising as it may seem the modern concepts of gift giving kept unaltered the lovely tradition of offering jewelry to a woman you love as a Christmas gift.


If the colors of Christmas are calling this year for shades of gold and silver tinted with shinny red, rubies become the stars of the season especially if they shine in a lovely design of sterling silver of 14 karat gold.


Diamond Essence has proved over the years that rubies are perfectly represented in classical jewelry. The delicate tones gold in the lace patterned pendants are making a pear shape stone show attitude while a tear shaped ruby looks delicate and enticingly fascinating if shades of silver surround it making it a lovely earring.


The truth is, Christmas tends to make us seek further the beautiful things is life and offering spectacular jewelry is part of the privilege of sharing precious moment with the woman we love.


A ruby is most likely the sexy note of an outfit and making a woman happy, while she cherishes a gift you offered her can make the holiday even more beautiful



Many of us are seduced by the image of 60’s something age when the mother of the house was cooking dinner in a spotless flared dress with a spotless apron , perfect hair sprayed hair and a string of pearls around her lovely neck.  


 This image may not sound very familiar for the new generations but in spite of that the pearls are seen as a sign of high life and why not aristocracy.


 With the Gossip Girl generation wearing pearls seem to get back in trend and special looking outfits imitating the vintage style are the most craved company for the perfection of the pearls.


 However, in spite of seeing a teenager like Blair Waldorf becoming a fashion Queen Bee wearing a string of pearls with her high school  head band , this particular gemstones are mostly proper for a lady like outfit, a delicate cocktail dress or an evening gown that could underline the splendor of such a jewelry piece.


In spite of the misconception that  anybody can wear pearls because it will , without a doubt, offer a certain distinction to that person’s look, the pearls are a little pretentious if not carefully managed.


 A string of pearls would look lovely only with a flawless hairstyle, a nice dress or suit or simply with the most exclusive set of sexy lingerie.


 Provided you dare, you can wear it naked but that would require a flawless body to underline the beauty of pearls.




The pearls as a shape and size represent the most delicate proof that classic never gets old. With the new vintage air floating over the jewelry sector along with heavy patterned silver the peals stand out because their unique air of elegance and distinction.


The pearls are delicate, shinny but also spectacular as they are completely other breed of precious gems completely different as structure and visual response from the crystal shine of the simulated diamonds.

The pearls shine is rather smooth and silky for we consider pearls the velvet of the precious gems world.


We saw fit to encase the pearls in montages that would not shadow their natural beauty or delicate shine.


Having the beautiful pearls accompany a black evening gown is recreating the Audrey Hepburn myth and also the opportunity of being the lady of the event.


Pearls with their distinction are surely something else and also the beauty they carry is responsible for the air of distinction the Diamond Essence tries to bring in the design of the pearl jewelry.