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Being a young girl in the first college year is all about establishing a position. Apart from the fact that this time of your life may prove to be the best fun you will ever have presenting a sense of style will surely save you a lot of grief.

Most sororities expect their pledges to be highly into fashion and style so regardless you will be one or not you can always make a statement with the right jewelry.

Simulated rocks by Diamond Essence can become the ideal type of accessories you can wear both to the class and to the coolest college party.

The cute pendant

A round cut stone in white, pink or blue can be the ideal choice for an accessory in class. Regardless you attend a lecture or a presentation you can combine this type of jewel with a casual denim shirt or a loose fitted V-neck knit and you can be sure that you will catch the eye of a certain someone without vexing the teacher.

The versatile earrings

In case you are fond of wild hair to emphasize the free spirited you , or you are into interesting buns to underline your taste for study the casual classy earrings are always the best solution. The best idea is to have a pair on stud earrings , a pair of small hoops and a pair of chandelier earrings. Depending on the hairstyle you can choose one of these to look stunning during your college days.




In many cases a pendant can change an outfit completely but in equally many occasions the wrong pendant can make you look too flashy, too exposed …too sexy for certain occasions.

With summer drawing near and the many occasions it brings for  looking beautiful  there is an infinity of choices one could go for while considering the right pendant.  Considering the fact that summer offers the chance to show off tanned glowing skin matching a beautiful pendant with your particular figure is the ideal option too look summery elegant with the right amount of sexy to conquer hearts.

The main purpose of a pendant is to underline your cleavage. An open work blouse will let a fair amount of skin show. This is why you should combine such a design with a small ,delicate Diamond Essence pendant  to not overdo the sexy finish.

In case you choose a tank top with lace insertions you should wear a pendant in a contrasting color. Consider how open is the cleavage and make sure the chain will not go lover that mid-section of the showing area of your skin.

A smaller bust can be complimented by a large more elaborate pendant design. Such a pendant can also be chosen for a date night or an anniversary gift. The main thing to keep in mind is to match whatever design you choose with your figure.


In many occasions we imagine that the right pendant on the right chain can make all the difference in case of a random dress. This is both true and false.

Why is it true?

A casual dress can be perfectly worn at an afternoon event or an official lunch is properly accessorized. Also a plain office shirt can become a sophisticated outfit with the help of a string of pearls or if combined with a spectacular ruby pendant on lovely gold chain.

The right type of chain can make the pendant position more obvious and by it catch the eye of the viewer in case you plan to be seductive in a long dress with a generous cleavage.

Why is it false?

In so many cases the right outfit can make all the difference regardless you are on a date, at a graduation party or meeting your future in-laws for the very first time.

In all the above examples, chain and a pendant should be very carefully chosen.

For example, in case of a date you would very much want to look both confident and sexy so make sure you offer your cleavage the exact type of attention you want to receive. A large pendant will catch the eye, while a small diamond will indicate you are looking for more than just a one night stand.




Spring comes near with March stepping closer every day. With its scented wonderful air spring also brings the need for beauty, the feeling of freedom and of course new, fresh and fabulous trends.


This specific fashion trend asks for straight geometrical designs and powerful contrasts. Make sure you fit it in your wardrobe combining it with beautifully square cut stones and dazzling rubies incased in gold.

Pencil classic

Pencil skirts and dresses are part of the signature outfits of the upcoming spring. Keeping this in mind, make sure you add a signature piece of jewelry so the ensemble will fascinate even more at the first sight. A large pendant on a long chain will make the hour glass figure stand out even more appealing to your sexy side.

Fluorescent colors

With the trend calling for bright, fluorescent colors is a bit tricky to find perfect jewelry. If you choose something colorful the dress will go unnoticed, while if you add something plain, the same will happen to the jewelry. The secret it to stick to beautiful simulated diamond earrings that will bring the attention to your face so your beauty won’t be hidden by the amazing colorful fabrics.

There are several occasions in life when showing you love your significant other requires a grand gesture impressive enough to create an unforgettable memory. This being said just think about what renewing your marriage vows would mean to you.

Usually as the years pass the beauty of your wedding bands tends to fade no matter how much care you took of them. The precious metals get stained especially if you stood by your vows and never took them off.  So…if you plan to have a vow renewal ceremony you should also offer yourself and your loved one a pair of new and beautiful eternity bands.

Such ceremonies are usually held in an informal manner and the people attending them are usually the ones you hold dear. Exchanging a pair of lovely rings as a sign of the important moment you are remembering can make the moment even lovelier and Diamond Essence eternity bands can make all the difference in such occasions.

Take a look at the offer and make sure you choose the right ring size when placing the order. Take advantage of the new price offer and enjoy sharing your love.

Many men dream about seeing the woman of their dreams wearing amazing looking lingerie and also delicate jewelry that she would keep on after the sexy outfit is removed during the hot act of making love.


What most women don’t know is that the right jewel worn with the right lingerie can do wonders for the reaction of a man in love.


Many of us saw on the movie screen or in the soft core red labeled movies, the combination of sexy lingerie and pearls combination which is not always fortunate.


If you want to look like an ingénue ready to be seduced you may of course choose a white lace bodice and a string of white or grey pearls.


If however you man desires a wild night adventure and black string and bra are the items creating your sexy look, a red pendant and a pair of red stud earrings are the right pieces to accompany this outfit.


On the other hand , if you plan to be a seductive temptress wearing nothing under a trench coat make sure you choose a Diamond Essence pear cut pendant to hang on a gold chain along your promising cleavage.


Remember that the clothes always come off during love making but nothing excites a man more then the look of the naked skin caressed by precious gems.


So many future brides see the wedding reception as the moment when they can simply sparkle without any restrain. In many cases this is very true, but in the same number of cases, a future bride may try to overdo her look and add too much sparkle. Here are the basic rules of bridal jewelry and courtesy of Diamond Essence, here are the best tips on how to choose the jewels that will make you look like a princess.

Rule no 1: No more than one eye catcher.

If you don’t want people to stare at your jewelry and forget that you are perfect looking during your best day, avoid carrying more than one eye-catching piece. If you choose a sapphire pendant for something blue , or a string of culture pearls for a classy note, make sure you avoid spectacular earrings.

Rule no 2: Avoid blending the jewelry in.

Not everything must match everything in your outfit. If you choose an ivory dress you can opt for a different color of jewelry to sparkle at your wrist or in your ears. Avoid white in jewelry because they will make the dress look less than it is

Who wears gold and who wears silver?

Well …it is actually a matter of taste. With so many vampire movies setting trends of what teenagers should like, with a werewolf craze encouraging the fear of silver, one would think that silver jewelry would be far from being popular.

Actually it is quite the opposite.

If gold has always been considered as the metal of royalty, in the latest decades the gold trends started to dictate a major tendency towards the silver color known as white gold.

People seem to prefer the silvery color because it is more versatile. The combination of white gold or silver with a colorful gemstone adds a special touch to the gemstone. In the mean time the traditional yellow colored gold adds to the diamond structure a special kind of shine.

If gold has always been the metal of the rich and powerful, silver has always been the metal of the adventures, free spirited people ready to take on the next thrill or challenge.

It is true that it is a matter of taste and Diamond Essence knows this, however…the perfection of a precious metal jewelry lies in the craft rather than in the metal it is made of.

Yes, a pendant is certainly a sign of class. So many women are looking forward to a new piece of jewelry and usually guys are finding proper to offer a pendant as a gift to the woman they love.


Statistically the pendants are about the most common jewelry gift offered with a special occasion. A man would say that it isn’t as plain as a bracelet or as spectacular as a ring but in the same time…perfectly proper to celebrate something worth celebrating.


Leaving this aside the question remains: what pendant fits what woman?


Tear shaped pendants are certainly the perfect fit for ladies with generous cleavage, daring hearts who are not afraid to be sexy. A gemstone tear is elegant, delicate and sensational from every point of view.


Star shaped pendants are the perfect fit for cerebral creatures, women not afraid of showing how intelligent and sophisticated they are. Such a pendant looks perfect at the neck of a fascinating business lady dressed in a perfect dress and ready for a business cocktail.


Round classic pendants are surely the most commonly seen. The classic shape makes them versatile as age is concerned and giving one to your daughter and one to your mother will be appropriate and welcome. The round shape is also the easiest to match with any possible outfit so any woman would enjoy such a pendant.

The recent trends encouraged jewelry to approach a large majority of styles and step out from the box of classical lines.

The large jewelry manufacturers considered the matter with dread because the classical lines are the thing defining the term of quality jewelry.

The beautifully cut stones became responsible for keeping the classic line while mounted on to intricate designs, complex lace designs made of precious metal and becoming progressive jewelry.

The question is: are the trends dictating change for the sake of change? Or are they simply challenging the jewelry world to become more open to the entire concept of fashion?

For example the New Arrivals section of Diamond Essence contains the latest trends in colorful gemstones.

The Diamond Essence sapphires, amethysts, rubies and onyx stones are beautifully tear-shaped and lined to make elegant bracelets in which the smooth glitter of the stones compliments the sterling silver or solid gold.

The princess style pendant is surely stylish and the elegant cut of the Diamond Essence stones can make the most of its stylish design.

The point of the new trend and the change created by it is to challenge the jewelry world and make it create daring designs for daring spirits.

Diamond Essence loves the challenge.