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Humans have used jewelry to decorate their bodies since time immemorial. The earliest jewelry has been smoothened stones or pieces of shiny metals. Since then jewelry has come a long way and has become an important part of fashion. 


An important piece of jewelry is the pendant which is used to adorn the neck. It could be a simple shaped stone hanging in a thread or an elaborately crafted affair in precious metals and gemstones. The pendant one wears speaks volumes about the person’s character. It can be used solely as a decorative piece, as a style statement, or even as a symbol to represent one’s ideals.

A rebellious piece shaped like the skull or similar symbols goes a long way to define a person’s character. A romantic piece like entwined hearts speaks volumes about a person’s softness. A dove with an olive branch is a statement in itself. What you choose to wear could reveal your inner secrets.

The gemstone one chooses to wear can be a close reflection of the person’s personality. Stones like aquamarine and amethyst symbolize happiness and love whereas beryl represents hope and youth. The camelian portrays joy and peace. Emerald represents rejuvenation and hope. A girl’s best friend the diamond represents constancy and brilliance.