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Many men dream about seeing the woman of their dreams wearing amazing looking lingerie and also delicate jewelry that she would keep on after the sexy outfit is removed during the hot act of making love.


What most women don’t know is that the right jewel worn with the right lingerie can do wonders for the reaction of a man in love.


Many of us saw on the movie screen or in the soft core red labeled movies, the combination of sexy lingerie and pearls combination which is not always fortunate.


If you want to look like an ingénue ready to be seduced you may of course choose a white lace bodice and a string of white or grey pearls.


If however you man desires a wild night adventure and black string and bra are the items creating your sexy look, a red pendant and a pair of red stud earrings are the right pieces to accompany this outfit.


On the other hand , if you plan to be a seductive temptress wearing nothing under a trench coat make sure you choose a Diamond Essence pear cut pendant to hang on a gold chain along your promising cleavage.


Remember that the clothes always come off during love making but nothing excites a man more then the look of the naked skin caressed by precious gems.



Not so long ago it was.


The fashion trends brought into the attention of the large public the type of jewelry that could be afforded by practically everyone and the world was pretty much convinced that if plastic and glass but also wood and regular metal can become the latest trend in jewelry.


The catwalks encouraged fashionable people to take a look into a new kind of jewelry- the one looking good for a better price and that is why jewelry became a way of expression.


Trends come and go but over the centuries gold and silver remained the top materials for high class jewelry.


In a world where diamonds are incased both in platinum and in stainless steel, Diamond Essence considers that beautiful jewelry can be accessible through using simulated stones.


Every bride should have a wedding ring and every teenager should have a beautiful bracelet. Wearing simulated diamonds is not making a compromise, for the craft of making them shine in intricate metal is equal to the one used for the oldest kind of gold jewelry.


Yes…we believe in tradition, but we also believe in fashion. The Diamond Essence stones are able to fit both. They can be impressive traditional jewelry but also cute fashionable things able to fit the latest trend.


The jewelry is no longer just a reason to show off the cash you have. It is an art available to those in love with it.



If I were to choose between the chance to create a jewel and write a book I would choose the first.

It is not that this is the thing I do everyday but it is just the way my heart feels when I see a perfect piece of jewelry worn by a wonderful woman and her smile mirrors into the glamour of the stone.

I watch over the world lately and I see it polished and cut like my diamonds. I see relationships going through situations harder than diamonds.

The life treats people strangely similar like I treat my gemstones. As I polish the diamonds they are becoming more beautiful, their light shines better under the rays of the sun.

People brake under the razor blade of life. They are being polished and turn into masterpieces. They are just more fragile than diamonds and they take longer to understand that they are turning into masterpieces.

Every piece of jewelry created is dedicated to the beauty of human nature and its magical way of becoming a precious diamond.





I like to see eternity bands on the fingers of both men and women.

I believe they represent a connection, a perfection of friendship transformed into a precious metal ring with small gemstones all around it, the symbol of eternity wrapped around a finger carrying the message that people should be connected in a perfection of wonderful feelings, sensing and knowing that the places of darkness and shadow can be overcome by the beauty of a wonderful ring.


At DiamonanZa we cherish the precious value of the human feelings, their magical connection and wonderful thoughts, the grace of all their wisdom and the perfection of their choices,


We believe in the power of diamonds of representing the best and the most exquisite feelings and let them express through an eternity band.