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There are several occasions in life when showing you love your significant other requires a grand gesture impressive enough to create an unforgettable memory. This being said just think about what renewing your marriage vows would mean to you.

Usually as the years pass the beauty of your wedding bands tends to fade no matter how much care you took of them. The precious metals get stained especially if you stood by your vows and never took them off.  So…if you plan to have a vow renewal ceremony you should also offer yourself and your loved one a pair of new and beautiful eternity bands.

Such ceremonies are usually held in an informal manner and the people attending them are usually the ones you hold dear. Exchanging a pair of lovely rings as a sign of the important moment you are remembering can make the moment even lovelier and Diamond Essence eternity bands can make all the difference in such occasions.

Take a look at the offer and make sure you choose the right ring size when placing the order. Take advantage of the new price offer and enjoy sharing your love.


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” Marilyn Monroe use to sing in a very popular song that made her passion for diamonds so very famous. Indeed the soft spot women have for jewelry is very well described by the very words of the song.

It use to lay in the concept of old fashion man that women can be conquered with a beautiful piece of jewelry and the concept was not entirely wrong.

As the society evolved in a more modern and independent, self sufficient female behavior, the concept did not change very much and no matter how modern a woman would consider herself, the thrill of a shining piece of jewelry remains something very specific to the feminine nature.


What should somebody buying a piece of jewelry consider is the height, the age and the figure of the person, that piece of jewelry is bought for.

If the husband is the one buying the jewelry then he should consider a matching piece for the wife so their shinning accessories would complement each other.

Also a person should know that a pair of blue eyes are complimented by sapphire earrings, as a lovely  Emerald pendant is the perfect fit for a person with green eyes.

But …what a person should know for sure is that one can never go wrong with diamonds.