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Good question.

What is sexier in a man’s eyes than a naked woman wearing nothing but a string of pearls around her neck or a dazzling diamond pendant hanging between her beautiful breasts?

The movies and the divas playing ravishing creatures ready to enchant a fortunate man have brought forth the myth of the sexy woman for which a dazzling piece of jewelry can be a useful tool in capturing a man’s desire.

However unlikely this may seem the studies have shown that high quality jewelry can change the whole perspective a regular viewer has over the person wearing it.

The mind associates diamonds with wealth, rubies with confidence, sapphires with stunning intelligence, emeralds with spectacular seduction and amethysts with alluring magical attraction.

Apart from these interesting associations, the vision over beauty as it is imagined and worshiped by the human nature sees the woman as a goddess worthy of bedazzling. A woman wearing the right type of jewelry will surely be notice regardless the environment she steps into. The right pendant, the ideal pair of earrings, the exact fit bracelet or a spectacular ring can become the focus point of a silhouette the needs to be put in the spotlight.

At Diamond Essence we keep in mind the unique purpose of making the jewelry the perfect tool for seduction.  Regardless you choose to wear a simple but significant pieces  or a superb set that will surely catch the eye of that significant other, you can be sure you will make the right choice.