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When it comes to fashion, its cyclic tendency to bring back trends is extremely beneficial towards the jewelry owners.

For example , those fond of the opulent side of exotic colored stones and intricate precious metal designs would be glad to find out that if D&G brought back the opulent Dolce vita style, Chanel went for a smoother but equally opulent approach.

All major designer chose for Fall –Winter 2014 a touch of opulence. Spectacular collections containing daring stone sizes , simulated rock combined with golden polish, precious metals mixed with daring shaped of stone cuts captured the eye of the spectacular jewelry fans.

At Diamond Essence we considered this particular trend so we brought within the new arrival section the latest in designer trends .

You can find stunning stones, daring metal shapes, romanticism but also baroque, delicate but also daring, in short a multitude of WRDKR1106-2elegant contrasts waiting to make you shine wherever you go.

Fall is the perfect occasion to reinvent your glamour. Choose a unique jewelry design  and make sure you take advantage of the best combination of colors and metal to obtain the glamorous diva look you can only see on the red carpet.



he truth about fashionable jewelry is only one . White , transparent stones will forever be trendy  and the people choosing them can be sure they will have a stylish jewelry able to match any outfit , regardless the color.

What is Clearance?

When looking for the perfect ring or the perfect pair of earrings to match a dress of your choice you are surely looking for the right type, with the right amount of shine and structure.

The Clearance collection was born out of the need for a classic but trendy approach towards wearable yet spectacular jewelry.

Clear white stones  with a complex cut were matched with a delicate metal design and from the combination of the two were born the most versatile jewelry designs.

Diamond Essence  Diamonds

The simulated diamonds  are not only spectacular but also affordable . There are endless options for every budget and in the same time an endless number of designs to match any possible desire.

Simulated diamonds never go out of style. These are rocks of extremely high quality that will keep theit clear crystalline structure, unaltered during the years.

The ideal wedding jewelry

The Clearance collection is truly the ideal type of wedding jewelry. Every bride deserves to shine in this special day of her life. This being said a pair of dangling earrings and an elegant bracelet are the perfect choices from the this spectacular Diamond Essence collection.




“ I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” … Are you feeling the holidays mood install in your hearts as the voice of Bill Cosby smoothly takes you to the a dream of snow and bell ringing?

Beautiful diamonds are all about making winter time more special and more close to the heart. This is why, here are the 3 main reasons why diamonds are the perfect jewelry choice during winter.

They shine

Winter is all about glitter. Holidays are nothing without something sparkling to wear and diamonds make you feel festive enough to enjoy this time of the year in style.

They look better on anything

Don’t think jeans and diamonds…but if you do keep in mind to also wear high heels to upscale the outfit even further. You can combine a lace blouse , skinny jeans , high pointy pumps and Diamond essence studs if you plan to look awesome at a college party.

The can make any dress look pretty

That is very true. Any dress, however plain can shine in the presence of diamond accessories. The little black dress can be outstanding if you wear a diamond pendant and an open back dress can be tamed with a pair of diamond chandelier earrings.



Fall is here and back to school days are here too. College days have come again and being trendy is something on everybody’s mind.

In case you are a college girl with a sense of style here are the best jewelry tips to help you catch the eye in a very good way regardless you are in class or sipping a coffee in a campus coffee shop.

  1. Studs for a sense of classcollageoxford2

The truth is you can never go wrong with stud earrings. Cool looking gems can make a lot of difference but tiny gems sparkling in your ears can offer the best choice for a delicate lady like figure.

  1. Delicate pearls

For a studied, posh collage look pearls are a true asset. Diamond Essence pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet can change completely the whole aspect of a college attire. A string of pearls can make you look even more lady like.

  1. Tennis bracelets

In many occasions a simple jewelry detail is all you need to catch the glimpse of the right guy …or girl. A tennis bracelet is both elegant and casual, both versatile and pretty looking and you can match it to any kind of college outfit you would have in mind.


So many of us are expecting anxiously the moment when we will have the opportunity to offer our mom a special something for 2013 Mother’s Day.

Since the celebration is in April and the oh…so wonderful spring brings a lot of inspiration here are some tips for the guys out there eager to make their mom feel unique this year.

Be creative

Your mom surely does not expect you to be thoughtful enough to get her something extremely wonderful for this occasion. The truth is guys tend to overlook the occasion and this is why if you want to surprise her keep in mind the spring trends. Your mom is before everything a woman so it’s never too late to be trendy.

Keep it classy

When it comes to jewelry , a classic piece will forever be treasured, especially since mothers tend to wear what their kids get them regardless of the price, value or shape. Getting your mom a classy jewelry will make sure she will shine when wearing it. If you don’t feel inspired ask a girlfriend ( wife or just female friend) help you pick the gift.

Be detailed oriented

Get your mom something she could wear with any outfit. If she is religious get her a cross  pendant, if she is a fashionista get her a pair of stud earring, if she is a lady with a taste for elegance keep in mind a string of pearls.

The bottom line is …you should remember that Mother’s Day is special. Flowers will do fine but if you want to make an impression jewelry is perfect.



In many occasions we imagine that the right pendant on the right chain can make all the difference in case of a random dress. This is both true and false.

Why is it true?

A casual dress can be perfectly worn at an afternoon event or an official lunch is properly accessorized. Also a plain office shirt can become a sophisticated outfit with the help of a string of pearls or if combined with a spectacular ruby pendant on lovely gold chain.

The right type of chain can make the pendant position more obvious and by it catch the eye of the viewer in case you plan to be seductive in a long dress with a generous cleavage.

Why is it false?

In so many cases the right outfit can make all the difference regardless you are on a date, at a graduation party or meeting your future in-laws for the very first time.

In all the above examples, chain and a pendant should be very carefully chosen.

For example, in case of a date you would very much want to look both confident and sexy so make sure you offer your cleavage the exact type of attention you want to receive. A large pendant will catch the eye, while a small diamond will indicate you are looking for more than just a one night stand.




As February draws near , thoughts of surprising the person you love are getting more and more crowded in your mind. This is only natural since regardless the consumerist nature of this holyday , the celebration of love is both traditional and trendy.

Who says you need to stick to Teddy Bears and harts? Valentine’s day is all about the way you feel. Feel free to share your thoughts , your joy and why not…feel free to propose.

It is true that being romantic can be considered corny but let us introduce you to a secret as old as time. All women dream of being swept of their feet, romanticize until they believe they are living a dream…all women dream of a proposal to be remembered and if you dare …make this step on Valentine’s day.

Here are 6 useful tips to help you get the courage and determination to pull this through:

  1. She will expect a romantic gesture such as a dinner, a dance , a flower bouquet. Step out of the box and do some grand gesture like a banner saying “ will u marry me ?” in the park
  2. It’s all about the ring and yes implicitly about your cash. Just consider her dream ring, whether it is a diamond or a simulated stone the craft is all that matters.
  3. Focus on her. Make her feel unique in this unique moment because you are building a memory she will forever treasure.
  4. If you cannot afford a romantic setting ( flowers, violins , fancy restaurant) a walk in the park, proposing on the bridge , going back to the place you two met to propose are always good ideas.
  5. Remember to be yourself. She might dream of a knight in shining armor but she most likely knows you. Just make the most of the occasion.

Make sure you take a look at Diamond Essence Valentine’s Day  Special. Use the code VAL2013 and you get a 15% discount on all your purchases. 🙂



There are several occasions in life when showing you love your significant other requires a grand gesture impressive enough to create an unforgettable memory. This being said just think about what renewing your marriage vows would mean to you.

Usually as the years pass the beauty of your wedding bands tends to fade no matter how much care you took of them. The precious metals get stained especially if you stood by your vows and never took them off.  So…if you plan to have a vow renewal ceremony you should also offer yourself and your loved one a pair of new and beautiful eternity bands.

Such ceremonies are usually held in an informal manner and the people attending them are usually the ones you hold dear. Exchanging a pair of lovely rings as a sign of the important moment you are remembering can make the moment even lovelier and Diamond Essence eternity bands can make all the difference in such occasions.

Take a look at the offer and make sure you choose the right ring size when placing the order. Take advantage of the new price offer and enjoy sharing your love.

Brides are generally generous when it comes to choosing bridesmaids gifts . If the bridesmaids are her BFF’s it comes as no surprise that she would want to give them something to help them remember the happy event they stood by her side.

Every bride knows that it is a good idea to go for jewelry gift especially if the bridesmaids are not in a large number and you know their taste.

This being said, what kind of jewelry is proper for such an occasion? The secret is to offer something meaningful enough to conquer them but also something reasonably priced so you would look good without shedding a lot of cash.

Gold and silver jewelry are always welcome and beautiful little stones can make all the difference especially if they fit as color the bridesmaid dress you , the bride, chose for them.

If you find it hard to make up your mind make sure you check out the cute tennis bracelets offered by Diamond Essence. Lovely little gems incased in delicate structures of metal are perfect for underlining the feminine nature of your bridesmaids.

Be smart about this matter and also if you would prefer a pair of stud earrings for the same purpose you can be sure it is a good idea.

Growing old is meaningless for a woman for women don’t grow old but go fabulous. The way they learn to appreciate a piece of jewelry, has everything to do with going through life with the privilege of appreciating fine things.

40 is the age when women appreciate all features of a jewel. This is the age when precious stones can easily be matched with a glamorous outfit. This is the time when everything changes as perspective goes and also the time when falling in love with something is way deeper compared to a younger age.

A woman reaching this wonderful age has already learned to see the value of a beautiful jewel. Also for such a woman choosing a jewel is more related to eclectic classicism rather than the absolute note of a raving trend.

In spite of what one may think, the 40’s is the age when the taste for beauty is enhanced by the experience coming from getting used to see beautiful things. This is why the jewelries have no secret for these amazing women and this is why the sophisticated jewels are such a success with these women.