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Many people say that the love for diamonds is actually all about …the diamonds.

What if a lot of them where wrong?

A lot of our clients buying simulated stones are fascinated by the spectacular craftsmanship beyond the cut and the design , exactly the features that make simulated diamonds a true competition for their more expensive, less ecofriendly relatives.

We don’t mean by the above statement that people should disregard mining rocks. Each person has its own vibration and as gemstones go that vibration is singular to a certain person as his or her heartbeat is.

However , when it comes to looking at a simulated rock, there are certain things that must be noticed and those are the exact features that makes every artificial diamond from our collection special.

We aim to find flawless stone resulted from the most carefully engineered process and we combine them with the highest quality precious metals . We choose bold and original designs, interesting combination of rocks, we follow trends and we embrace timeless traditions.

The beautiful cut, versatile design and shape but also the realistic approach towards revealing the true nature of a gemstone is part of the art beyond Diamond Essence brand we proudly call our own.


There are so many people out there ready to experience the best of living green. It is quite refreshing to see people looking for a cleaner, closer to nature way of life.

Veganism as a nutrition and lifestyle concept is part of what so many people approach these day and when it comes to jewelry we must say we kind of adopted the concept.


Earth friendly jewelry has many definitions, but for Diamond Essence the concept translates into fair trade precious metals and simulated gems.

We also adopted the concept of quality craftsmanship , proactive relationship with our clients and a new way of promoting the green way to shine in the jewelry world.

Veganism , living green and related concepts are all part of treating the world around us better, living a cleaner and closer to nature life.

Simulated diamonds are part of what we consider green. Artificial gems are lab created, are part of fair trade industry and are carbon based exactly like mining diamonds. The difference is that artificial gems are obtained through interfering with the environment and are not part of the economical labyrinth surrounding the business of diamonds’ cartels.

Simulated rocks are more affordable , closer to the public easier to reach.

However , you should keep in mind that simulated rocks are stunning because they are crafted with love and respect for the beauty of the world.