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Spring comes near with March stepping closer every day. With its scented wonderful air spring also brings the need for beauty, the feeling of freedom and of course new, fresh and fabulous trends.


This specific fashion trend asks for straight geometrical designs and powerful contrasts. Make sure you fit it in your wardrobe combining it with beautifully square cut stones and dazzling rubies incased in gold.

Pencil classic

Pencil skirts and dresses are part of the signature outfits of the upcoming spring. Keeping this in mind, make sure you add a signature piece of jewelry so the ensemble will fascinate even more at the first sight. A large pendant on a long chain will make the hour glass figure stand out even more appealing to your sexy side.

Fluorescent colors

With the trend calling for bright, fluorescent colors is a bit tricky to find perfect jewelry. If you choose something colorful the dress will go unnoticed, while if you add something plain, the same will happen to the jewelry. The secret it to stick to beautiful simulated diamond earrings that will bring the attention to your face so your beauty won’t be hidden by the amazing colorful fabrics.