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When we created the option of offering clients loose stones we mainly had in mind the option of offering the client the possibility to choose a certain shape, cut or crystalline structure to be incased in a certain jewelry design.

However , the recent trends brought forth amazing opportunities regarding how to fit these beautiful loose stones into the trendiest outfits of this spring and summer.

A beautiful evening gown will surely catch the eye of the audience if it would wear beautiful round shaped Diamond Essence Diamond stones around its cleavage. Accessorizing a dress this way can make the dress design not only precious but also immortal in the minds of those who see it.

Hair jewelry is surely extremely trendy this year. So if you plan to go for a 50’s look and wear a lacy hairpiece with feathers keep in my to bejewel the item with a beautiful pear shaped Diamond Essence stone. The glamour of the hair piece will be enhanced and you will sparkle even more because of the beautiful stone.

Last but not the least , keep in mind that loose stones can be customized to fit anything from bracelets to earrings and pendants. Still if you are planning to wear some offbeat jewelry you should definitely consider a large size of square or rectangular cut loose Diamond Essence Diamonds. Such a stone will offer a special type of personality to your jewelry design.


It is a common concept that the wedding rings like everything in life should be somehow different. This is why, his wedding ring is simpler while hers is specially designed to be more than just a simple golden band.

The tradition used to call for the marriage to be sanctified with the presence of golden bands, twin rings able to send the message to everyone that two people were bound together in holly matrimony.

With the passing of the centuries , her wedding ring became more beautiful bedazzled with precious gems, more delicately inclined towards the feminine nature while his remained the same, a golden circle stating to the world he is taken.

The funny aspect of the trend gave the women the prerogative to choose for themselves a more sophisticated piece of marital jewelry they would proudly flaunt in the eyes of their friends. This way the female wedding ring became part engagement ring, part golden band and over the years a truly amazing work of art.

Statistics say that recently there are very few women who prefer a classic wedding ring. The trends have encouraged them to feel special even when choosing the marital symbol.

In the end…what men out there would say they aren’t? 🙂

At the best of times, choosing an engagement ring is tricky business. Will she like it or wont she, is the eternal worry most men have when choosing one. It can be even trickier when the girl happens to be a professional. The size and the style of the ring become important, as she will be wearing it for the rest of her life, everyday to office.


Huge rocks can cause trouble, as they seem to say she is not serious about the job and is bidding her time until she gets married or has kids. On the other hand, a very small rock may incite plenty of sympathy. An average sized stone is essential.


An engagement ring as a rule should be simple, as it is worn on a daily basis. Do not choose a cocktail ring. A cocktail ring can be very beautiful but it may not be the right thing to wear to the office everyday. In addition, a too huge ring, especially when you have limited means will have people gossiping that it is a fake!


There really is no point in stretching yourself to the extreme for that big impressive rock. You can always buy a simple ring within your means and add to it as time goes by. The stone is easily replaced with diamond of a higher quality with time or one can even add baguettes to it.

Who wears gold and who wears silver?

Well …it is actually a matter of taste. With so many vampire movies setting trends of what teenagers should like, with a werewolf craze encouraging the fear of silver, one would think that silver jewelry would be far from being popular.

Actually it is quite the opposite.

If gold has always been considered as the metal of royalty, in the latest decades the gold trends started to dictate a major tendency towards the silver color known as white gold.

People seem to prefer the silvery color because it is more versatile. The combination of white gold or silver with a colorful gemstone adds a special touch to the gemstone. In the mean time the traditional yellow colored gold adds to the diamond structure a special kind of shine.

If gold has always been the metal of the rich and powerful, silver has always been the metal of the adventures, free spirited people ready to take on the next thrill or challenge.

It is true that it is a matter of taste and Diamond Essence knows this, however…the perfection of a precious metal jewelry lies in the craft rather than in the metal it is made of.

A coffee shop talk one of us heard a few days ago brought forward the most interesting topic: why would a woman deserve an engagement ring the second time she is proposed to if she is a divorce?

Of course that being in the jewelry business all of you would expect us to answer: why not? Still…in the jewelry world the jewels are mainly focused on bringing joy and offer a special memory from the significance of an event. Is the second engagement less important than the first? Are we the right people to judge how should love be celebrated and what kind of ring the woman marrying for the second time should wear?

The answer is : NO. The ring itself is a privilege. Offered out of love , the engagement ring cannot be measured by the size of the stone , the quality of craft or the type of the metal it is designed out of.

The significance of it can be found in the love the groom has for his future bride. Regardless of some cultures saying that it is not proper to have a big wedding, a white wedding dress or a very publicized reception if you marry for the second time, being a bride means being happy.

The engagement ring is not something you can set up in standards. Beautiful details will always be trendy and there is no certain design specially created for the second time bride.

The truth is…the engagement ring is the beginning of a commitment based on love…from there on only love can give it the power to link two people forever.


Guys are usually under a lot of stress before proposing. Leaving apart the fact that an engagement ring comes with a significant cost, the stress of choosing it is mostly fueled by the urban legend talking about “good and bad engagement rings”.


So many men get lost when sitting before a jewelry stand and the perspective of the right engagement ring is something they hardly contemplate on their own. The choices being so many, the fearful thought of messing it up may simply scare them out of the deed itself.


So many movies fuel the theory that women consider the ring more important than the proposal itself. Why do you suppose is that?


Do women obsess about the value of the ring or they simply are preoccupied about what will the crowd around them say about it?


The truth is somewhere in the middle. A beautifully crafted ring with a significant rock as size is not the common choice women would love to have on their fingers.

There are girls out there who would rather have a small ring but a stunning proposal while others would gladly show of a large “ rock” to make the fellow female representatives jealous.


When you come to think of it since every woman is unique so is her taste in jewelry. This is why Diamond Essence gives you guys the chance to smile and pick the right ring for your ladies. Pear shaped, emerald cut, princess style rocks wait to be evaluated by your eyes. Show the site to your lady. She will give you a hint about which is her favorite style.


The sapphire ring on the finger of the future princess of Great Britain has caught the eye of so many people since the engagement announcement and so many women dreamed of wearing the exact type of jewelry.

 Diamond Essence is proud to have in its portfolio as one of the best selling products for years a very similar Princess ring with a Diamond essence sapphire mounted in solid gold.

The exquisite design does not imitate the design of Kate’s ring but offers every woman the opportunity to have on her finger a beautiful piece of jewelry that would make her feel like a princess.

Why is Kate’s ring so famous? Maybe because the regretted Princess Diana was the one to make the sapphire ring famous with her delicate presence and outstanding glamour.  Kate is wearing the ring with pride and the beautiful design look amazing on her finger.

The Diamond Essence Princess Ring comes with a perfectly cut Diamond Essence sapphire but also with the lovely possibility of choosing whether the ring would be created out of solid white or yellow gold.

The high class design that made this ring a bestseller is surely amplified by the display of 14 brilliant stones, each flawlessly set around the fascinating blue of the sapphire.

Yes, the Diamond Essence Princess Ring is surely less expensive that the ring worn by the English Princess but as design and class come it’s every bit as fit to be worn by royalty.

Wedding rings are since very long time ago the eternal symbol that a girl and a boy are spoken for and that a fortunate man and woman are there waiting to hold their precious hands and say “I do”.


Wedding rings are extremely cool since they are the symbol of love and beauty bound together in a perfect eternity band that can illustrate exactly how was that unique wedding day when the two became a couple.

The most beautiful wedding rings are so completely karmic that sometimes seeing them on the couples’ fingers they look like they have sealed to people into the most amazing way joining their faiths forever.


Why is it important to pick the wedding rings together? Well, you can imagine that two people in love would want to share everything and since this is a ring the two would never take of for the rest of their life together and maybe beyond it , these rings have to fit the soul of every bride and groom.


Diamond Essense sees the wedding rings as something completely natural. We design them to meet the dream of every couple, of every age, we keep in mind the newly weds, the renewing vows  and the wedding anniversaries.

We do our best to make these rings a jewel for a lifetime equal to the beauty of your love.

The very important part when selecting a wedding ring is that precise moment you feel the need of seeing your significant other mirrored into the piece of jewelry you plan to offer her.

Most women find themselves surprised by the impression a man wants to make when he chooses a wedding ring. The most important factors responsible for the amazing effect a wedding ring has are the quality of the craftsmanship and the special attention to details.

Many people see in the wedding ring just means to an end and by this being understood that the wedding ring is the logical move associated with a marriage proposal.

Still no matter how far the connection between two people goes the wedding ring can actually extended. That is why there are certain details any man should know and treasure if he plans to propose and offer his beloved an amazing wedding ring.

Pear cut gemstones are perfect for an adventurous future bride. They fit her daring spirit, her attention to details, and her magnificent personality.

The round cut diamonds are perfect for the romantic bride, the eternal lover, and the passionate angel, the perfect creature always smiling and looking at the rainbow.

The straight lines in stone cutting fit the creative brides ready to meet the unconventional, and always up to do something intriguing. These being said, the perfect marriage proposal can for sure emulate on the wedding ring the gentleman offer.

It was a rainy spring night when he was turning back home from a night with his best friends. The beer inside his stomach was making him feel heavy, though he was jagged and smiling happily while walking on the wet pavements.

Tequila, his dog, greeted him with a huge wet lick and cheers gestures. He remembered the time he found Tequila on the street all alone- just like the way he was 2 years ago. After his vaccinations and a good bath, Tequila started to stay at his home as his new comrade. He smiled and thought how luck did Tequila bring to his life just after he found him. The day after, in the veterinary, he saw his soul-mate, Julia, working as a veterinarian at the facility he brought Tequila in.

They were now together for 2 years and he was feeling it was the time to be with her for the rest of his life, but still, so nervous about how to propose. His friends told him to create something extraordinary, but he had nothing on his mind except that silly smile when he thinks about her.

As days were passing by, he knew he wants to be with her always, however he didn’t know how to make the first step. Julia was coming back from a small vacation to her family tomorrow and he thought that would be the perfect time to propose to her. While he was wandering around the house, he suddenly stopped in front of the mirror, smiled. He has decided.

Julia, tired from jetlag, came to her apartment when she found the door open and Tequila was lying I front of the door. She slowly opened the door, saw that there are thousands of pictures of her boyfriend’s mouth smiling, laughing hung everywhere. She crazily wandered around the house, laughing with tears when she found a small note: ‘That’s what it is going to be when we will be together forever: only laughter and happiness. Will you marry me?’

After this lovely proposal, he appeared in the door with a ring on his hand. Without saying anything, he put the ring on her finger. As they were looking into each other’s eyes, they felt nothing but pure happiness.