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It is a common conception that women like to be surprised during the holidays and winter celebration is no different. As surprising as it may seem the modern concepts of gift giving kept unaltered the lovely tradition of offering jewelry to a woman you love as a Christmas gift.


If the colors of Christmas are calling this year for shades of gold and silver tinted with shinny red, rubies become the stars of the season especially if they shine in a lovely design of sterling silver of 14 karat gold.


Diamond Essence has proved over the years that rubies are perfectly represented in classical jewelry. The delicate tones gold in the lace patterned pendants are making a pear shape stone show attitude while a tear shaped ruby looks delicate and enticingly fascinating if shades of silver surround it making it a lovely earring.


The truth is, Christmas tends to make us seek further the beautiful things is life and offering spectacular jewelry is part of the privilege of sharing precious moment with the woman we love.


A ruby is most likely the sexy note of an outfit and making a woman happy, while she cherishes a gift you offered her can make the holiday even more beautiful