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Back to School Jewelry – Earrings Trends for College Days

Posted on: August 14, 2015

With  the summer almost over , it’s only logical to think about the style you will go for when back to college.

A stylish confident college diva will surely look for that certain something that would add to her look. It is true that the recommendations for college styles are different for every college but in case you are looking for something that will catch the eye of a significant other earrings are the right solution.

The classic studs may come to mind but for 2015 college days you should consider the following trends too.


The classy stone

In case you attend a more traditional course with a more traditional professor, classy earrings with a classy stone in the middle will add just the right amount of shine. Think a sapphire surrounded my Diamond Essence baguettes or a Trilliant cut Champagne Essence earrigs with just a perfect shape for a casual chic wear.


The signature shape

Round shaped or heart shaped earrings with a playful and delicate design and a small stone detail can become the ideal choice for the practical studios you.


Bedazzled hoops

If you are an R&B kind of fashion girl  most likely you would like to wear the signature hoops this trend calls for. This being said you should keep an open mind and choose a pair of hoop earrings bedazzled with Diamond Essence stones.

Have fun and enjoy being a 2015 college diva.


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