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With  the summer almost over , it’s only logical to think about the style you will go for when back to college.

A stylish confident college diva will surely look for that certain something that would add to her look. It is true that the recommendations for college styles are different for every college but in case you are looking for something that will catch the eye of a significant other earrings are the right solution.

The classic studs may come to mind but for 2015 college days you should consider the following trends too.


The classy stone

In case you attend a more traditional course with a more traditional professor, classy earrings with a classy stone in the middle will add just the right amount of shine. Think a sapphire surrounded my Diamond Essence baguettes or a Trilliant cut Champagne Essence earrigs with just a perfect shape for a casual chic wear.


The signature shape

Round shaped or heart shaped earrings with a playful and delicate design and a small stone detail can become the ideal choice for the practical studios you.


Bedazzled hoops

If you are an R&B kind of fashion girl  most likely you would like to wear the signature hoops this trend calls for. This being said you should keep an open mind and choose a pair of hoop earrings bedazzled with Diamond Essence stones.

Have fun and enjoy being a 2015 college diva.


GBD1716S-2  Bridal jewelry is certainly something worth paying attention regardless the venue, the dress or the complexity of the wedding.

The bride is expected to shine and take the eyes of the audience. She must look perfectly polished, feminine, be an angel or a diva , shortly she must make this day her day.

Besides the engagement ring she most likely will wear that something blue can be a pair of beautiful sapphire earrings which will compliment a bridal updo.

VED5244-2A sapphire bracelet can also fit the purpose while a sapphire pendant can be the exact detail that will add that something extra to a plunging neckline of a dress.

A mermaid dress would look stunning with Diamond Essence necklace, while a princess dress would shine even more in case the bodice in bedazzled with Diamond Essence loose stones.

GED270S-2Sarah Williamson, a dear client of ours from South America used Diamond essence simulated diamonds as fascinators for her bridal hairstyle. The hairstyle was the talk of the wedding and so many admire her still since she posted her bridal picture on her Facebook page.

The idea is to let yourself shine like a star during this day of your life.

SED1114-2 SED1174-2

Most brides are a bit stressed by the idea of what to give their bridesmaids. It is true that anything will do since it is mostly about the gesture but when the bridesmaids are you relatives or even better your lifetime friends you will want the gift to matter.

This being said be aware the jewelry is the ideal choice for such a gift and among jewelry , stud earrings are surely the best choice possible for this occasion.

It is smart to choose a universal model, the girls will be able to wear with anything and also a  color that would match any complexion.

A good idea is to choose stud earrings in a color that would match the bridesmaid dresses. This way you will add the jewelry to the attire saving them the trouble of paying extra to accessorize.

Studs are versatile , practical, always trendy, delicate enough to fit any figure but outstanding by their simplicity.

At Diamond Essence we had several occasions when brides to be asked for a budget friendly gift idea for their bridesmaids and all of them appreciated our stylists’ advice to choose stud earrings.

The idea is to be practical but also smart and friendly and this particular type of jewelry is exactly what you need.


Many people say that the love for diamonds is actually all about …the diamonds.

What if a lot of them where wrong?

A lot of our clients buying simulated stones are fascinated by the spectacular craftsmanship beyond the cut and the design , exactly the features that make simulated diamonds a true competition for their more expensive, less ecofriendly relatives.

We don’t mean by the above statement that people should disregard mining rocks. Each person has its own vibration and as gemstones go that vibration is singular to a certain person as his or her heartbeat is.

However , when it comes to looking at a simulated rock, there are certain things that must be noticed and those are the exact features that makes every artificial diamond from our collection special.

We aim to find flawless stone resulted from the most carefully engineered process and we combine them with the highest quality precious metals . We choose bold and original designs, interesting combination of rocks, we follow trends and we embrace timeless traditions.

The beautiful cut, versatile design and shape but also the realistic approach towards revealing the true nature of a gemstone is part of the art beyond Diamond Essence brand we proudly call our own.


Recently we heard a discussion during a jewelry convention on the topic of opals.

The spirits where rather fired up by the perspective of considering this unusual stone the same with diamonds.

The idea that stayed with us was that opals are the stones able to be the perfect match for any type of metal and also the kind of stones that would fit your regular jeans but also the posh little black dress you so treasure.

We chose to have in our collection the type of opal jewelry that would pretty much make your style a unique one when wearing them.


Our designs stick to smooth lines that offer a special kind of glow to the iridescent structure of the opals.

Opal earrings offer a glitter finish to blue eyes,  give a note of emerald to  green eyes and offer a golden note to brown and hazel eyes. Wearing opals make  a woman with dark eyes glow in special way , her eye color mirroring the same waters as the stone.

Delicate but also extremely versatile, opals are part of the stones that fit any age and also the perfect type of jewel to be offered for a wedding anniversary.

Opals offer a teenager a confident look and give a 30 something beauty the fresh air free spirited divas so regardless the age The Diamond Essence opal jewelry is ideal for any type of woman.

There are so many people out there ready to experience the best of living green. It is quite refreshing to see people looking for a cleaner, closer to nature way of life.

Veganism as a nutrition and lifestyle concept is part of what so many people approach these day and when it comes to jewelry we must say we kind of adopted the concept.


Earth friendly jewelry has many definitions, but for Diamond Essence the concept translates into fair trade precious metals and simulated gems.

We also adopted the concept of quality craftsmanship , proactive relationship with our clients and a new way of promoting the green way to shine in the jewelry world.

Veganism , living green and related concepts are all part of treating the world around us better, living a cleaner and closer to nature life.

Simulated diamonds are part of what we consider green. Artificial gems are lab created, are part of fair trade industry and are carbon based exactly like mining diamonds. The difference is that artificial gems are obtained through interfering with the environment and are not part of the economical labyrinth surrounding the business of diamonds’ cartels.

Simulated rocks are more affordable , closer to the public easier to reach.

However , you should keep in mind that simulated rocks are stunning because they are crafted with love and respect for the beauty of the world.


When it comes to choosing a spectacular gift for your significant other. You might want to take under consideration the fact that in 2015 the trends call for something…bolder.

Most people stick to offering flowers and chocolates but in case you want to break the pattern , consider offering her a piece of jewelry she will forever treasure.

Romance can be beautifully incased inside a stunning pendant she will be able to wear regardless the outfit. A delicate structure beautified by a flawless cut stone is easy to match to any outfit so make sure you make the pendant choice matter.

In case you want to propose this Valentine choose a statement ring. A large simulated rock will look stunning on her finger and you will have the opportunity to leave her speechless in case you pick a rock all her friends will envy.

For the married couples who want to show their enduring love to one another choosing a jewelry gift that will show the affection is there is not exactly easy.

Most husbands ignore the fact that she might expect a proof he still cares . Valentine’s day is for most enduring couples a day in which proof of romance are less and less expected. This is why, offering her something truly significant will prove you still care about what she wants.

2015 is the year when a grand gesture can change the whole course of love. Keep this in mind and stay in love.


Fashion is all about creating that special outfit for Yourself. This is why the best thing is to make the jewels the most efficient tool for accessorizing the outfits.

This year we should mostly focus in adding that specific accent that would change the entire finish of our look. Pendants can prove to be a very efficient tool and you should definitely consider them to upscale your outfits.

Small but elegant Diamond Essence pendants can be beautifully paired with a turtle neck in a vibrant color, a power suit shirt or a round collar organza blouse. Make sure you choose a stone in a contrasting color with the outfit so you will have a fashion statement result.


Most women are wondering about how to integrate a statement pendant in an everyday outfit. This year you should keep in mind that anything spectacular – pendants included – can be used to create a special result and improve the visual impact in the moments where you need to feel confident and on top of a situation.

Classic pendants , the likes of those heirloom or religious, but also those you are used to wear everyday should be worn with a V-cleavage or a top with straps. Let the pendant shine and you will obtain the admiring looks of any audience.


Winter is the time of the year when we step forward with special offers for our existing and future clients.

Diamond Essence Diamonds have a certain something that makes them the ideal gift for this time of the year. Beautifully cut , associated with specially designed metal, these are the kind of jewels any woman would like to find beautiful wrapped under the Christmas tree.

If you think that buying jewelry is a bit expensive due to the current economy, you better think again.

We do our best to offer important discounts to all our products and we offer smart solutions within every budget.

The truth is , nothing is more welcome in a woman’s heart then a new jewelry to flaunt during visiting friends or attending Holyday parties.

Consider a pair of beautiful earrings she would fondly wear especially if you choose a pair that will match anything in her closet.

You can also go for a delicate chain she could wear with a blouse but also on top of a turtle neck top.

You can never go wrong with a bracelet , especially in case you choose one that will have a timeless, classic design , because she will be able to wear it regardless of the year.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook to see the best offers we have planned for you.

SED120-2In case you follow the fashion trends , you have surely notices how the 90’s air is omnipresent of the catwalk. Strong similarities with the glorious days of pop , rap and hard-rock brought back the taste for opulent jewelry, eye-catching jewelry designs, big stones and spectacular finishes.

Diamond Essence is proud to present the designer collection and with it the new look into what sparkling 90’s style means.

There are several things to consider when choosing this type of jewelry.

Large hoop earring bedazzled with sparkling Diamond Essence diamonds are perfect for a date night.

In case you want to wow at an office meeting wearing a pencil skirt , make sure you also put on a stunning ring with a significantly large rock.

Chandelier earrings were a big hit in the 90’s . Nowadays the designers have paired them with loose fitted knits and leggings so in case you want a casual but chic outfit this is the way to go.

In case you want to explore your business style diva look but you want to show your trendy side make sure you mix a few sparkling bracelets of different texture and structure and pair them with your power suit.