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SED120-2In case you follow the fashion trends , you have surely notices how the 90’s air is omnipresent of the catwalk. Strong similarities with the glorious days of pop , rap and hard-rock brought back the taste for opulent jewelry, eye-catching jewelry designs, big stones and spectacular finishes.

Diamond Essence is proud to present the designer collection and with it the new look into what sparkling 90’s style means.

There are several things to consider when choosing this type of jewelry.

Large hoop earring bedazzled with sparkling Diamond Essence diamonds are perfect for a date night.

In case you want to wow at an office meeting wearing a pencil skirt , make sure you also put on a stunning ring with a significantly large rock.

Chandelier earrings were a big hit in the 90’s . Nowadays the designers have paired them with loose fitted knits and leggings so in case you want a casual but chic outfit this is the way to go.

In case you want to explore your business style diva look but you want to show your trendy side make sure you mix a few sparkling bracelets of different texture and structure and pair them with your power suit.



Fall is here and back to school days are here too. College days have come again and being trendy is something on everybody’s mind.

In case you are a college girl with a sense of style here are the best jewelry tips to help you catch the eye in a very good way regardless you are in class or sipping a coffee in a campus coffee shop.

  1. Studs for a sense of classcollageoxford2

The truth is you can never go wrong with stud earrings. Cool looking gems can make a lot of difference but tiny gems sparkling in your ears can offer the best choice for a delicate lady like figure.

  1. Delicate pearls

For a studied, posh collage look pearls are a true asset. Diamond Essence pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet can change completely the whole aspect of a college attire. A string of pearls can make you look even more lady like.

  1. Tennis bracelets

In many occasions a simple jewelry detail is all you need to catch the glimpse of the right guy …or girl. A tennis bracelet is both elegant and casual, both versatile and pretty looking and you can match it to any kind of college outfit you would have in mind.


So many of us are expecting anxiously the moment when we will have the opportunity to offer our mom a special something for 2013 Mother’s Day.

Since the celebration is in April and the oh…so wonderful spring brings a lot of inspiration here are some tips for the guys out there eager to make their mom feel unique this year.

Be creative

Your mom surely does not expect you to be thoughtful enough to get her something extremely wonderful for this occasion. The truth is guys tend to overlook the occasion and this is why if you want to surprise her keep in mind the spring trends. Your mom is before everything a woman so it’s never too late to be trendy.

Keep it classy

When it comes to jewelry , a classic piece will forever be treasured, especially since mothers tend to wear what their kids get them regardless of the price, value or shape. Getting your mom a classy jewelry will make sure she will shine when wearing it. If you don’t feel inspired ask a girlfriend ( wife or just female friend) help you pick the gift.

Be detailed oriented

Get your mom something she could wear with any outfit. If she is religious get her a cross  pendant, if she is a fashionista get her a pair of stud earring, if she is a lady with a taste for elegance keep in mind a string of pearls.

The bottom line is …you should remember that Mother’s Day is special. Flowers will do fine but if you want to make an impression jewelry is perfect.


Brides are generally generous when it comes to choosing bridesmaids gifts . If the bridesmaids are her BFF’s it comes as no surprise that she would want to give them something to help them remember the happy event they stood by her side.

Every bride knows that it is a good idea to go for jewelry gift especially if the bridesmaids are not in a large number and you know their taste.

This being said, what kind of jewelry is proper for such an occasion? The secret is to offer something meaningful enough to conquer them but also something reasonably priced so you would look good without shedding a lot of cash.

Gold and silver jewelry are always welcome and beautiful little stones can make all the difference especially if they fit as color the bridesmaid dress you , the bride, chose for them.

If you find it hard to make up your mind make sure you check out the cute tennis bracelets offered by Diamond Essence. Lovely little gems incased in delicate structures of metal are perfect for underlining the feminine nature of your bridesmaids.

Be smart about this matter and also if you would prefer a pair of stud earrings for the same purpose you can be sure it is a good idea.

All mothers get to a point when their daughters find proper to raid their jewelry box in the search for something dazzling to meet they outfits. The truth is that in the end all will be theirs but regardless of the fact the jewels must be something you are fond off and you would not like to see them destroyed by young unknowing hands.

The truth is that gold and silver never goes out of style and amazing jewels are very tempting but how to teach you daughter to treasure the content of your jewelry box?

Explain to her that the beauty of jewelry is given by the message it sends and also by the amazing reaction it creates when combined with right outfit. Also you must underline the boundaries which will make it easier for you to manage : I want  – You can’t have situations.

In the same time , keep in mind that a beautiful piece of jewelry can be match by another which you can get for your young lady so she won’t be jealous of her mother jewelry box.

Take a look at the Diamond Essence sterling silver collection. Small and delicate pieces with sparkling simulated gemstones can be the perfect addition to your young lady jewelry box.

It’s fall again and with October we are getting close to the most nonconformist celebration of the year. We all love the Halloween parties, the idea of getting in costume and dress like villains or heroes but even then we are allowed to sparkle.


If you would ask who would bring diamonds to a Halloween party, you will get the answer: “celebrities do”.


What colors are proper for this task: black and red and for an angelic look the pearls are actually perfect.


If you plan to be a hot looking witch choose a spectacular pendant with a black or violet stone. Add a pair of earrings with assorted stones and anything black in your outfit will be even darker. A Halloween outfit will stand out with this type of jewelry.


Of course, many girls would love to be a sexy she devil. The presence of a ruby will sexify the outfit even further. Put the accent on your cleavage and make sure you look like a heartbreaker.


Be a black cat wearing silver or a vampire temptress wearing gold. In the end…jewelry is meant to make you look sexy in a scary night. 🙂



Many times over the many years we are designing jewelry, we noticed a periodical come back of the flower design.

An extremely traditional one, extremely girly and utterly sweet the flower design pretty much lingered through all the trends that swept over the jewelry fashion.


The delicate design imitating nature remained successful and desirable through all the major currents and what is even more surprising, the notes accompanying it seemed to fit all age groups and even more all tastes.


Women remained the same romantics over the centuries and their taste for delicate looking jewelry encouraged jewelry makers to imitate the nature of flowers in the most spectacular combinations of precious metal and gemstones.


What is even more interesting is that the flower design is the most versatile one and that no matter what occasion would one want to celebrate with offering a flower a flower shaped jewelry would make a bigger impression.


It is true that nature has inspired the jewelry ever since the concept came to life. No surprise there since a beautiful flower can make an impression when placed in the hair of a beautiful girl.

A flower pendant can do that and even more. Diamond Essence took gemstones and precious metal and turned them in amazingly looking jewelry able to sparkle with the beauty of flowers but immortal by structure and style.

Yes, a pendant is certainly a sign of class. So many women are looking forward to a new piece of jewelry and usually guys are finding proper to offer a pendant as a gift to the woman they love.


Statistically the pendants are about the most common jewelry gift offered with a special occasion. A man would say that it isn’t as plain as a bracelet or as spectacular as a ring but in the same time…perfectly proper to celebrate something worth celebrating.


Leaving this aside the question remains: what pendant fits what woman?


Tear shaped pendants are certainly the perfect fit for ladies with generous cleavage, daring hearts who are not afraid to be sexy. A gemstone tear is elegant, delicate and sensational from every point of view.


Star shaped pendants are the perfect fit for cerebral creatures, women not afraid of showing how intelligent and sophisticated they are. Such a pendant looks perfect at the neck of a fascinating business lady dressed in a perfect dress and ready for a business cocktail.


Round classic pendants are surely the most commonly seen. The classic shape makes them versatile as age is concerned and giving one to your daughter and one to your mother will be appropriate and welcome. The round shape is also the easiest to match with any possible outfit so any woman would enjoy such a pendant.

Life taught most of us a lesson when we were very tired or very lost among the many details we have to deal with during a day.

It is called a lesson of endurance and the way we react to it is directly responsible for the way we see our life. The jewelry business is of course focused on sales and this is why considering an industry wouldn’t be exactly wrong.

However, when taking the business notion away we are left with the craft. The powerful omnipotent craft that is able to teach precious metal and gemstones the same lesson life teaches us: Growing better with the challenge.

The Diamond Essence became what it is today exactly because we considered bettering the quality and only then the business. Focusing on the right details developing a way to make the best of the precious metal structure and cutting the gemstones using imaginative design and perfect details got us in the place we are now.

When creating a jewel we do not consider the initial output of its sale but rather the way the person buying will consider doing so because of how beautiful it is. We cannot say that this is the secret of our success, however if this reason doesn’t cover 100% of the reason it is surely a big part of it.

The people see the word “bestseller” so many times that when it actually represents the item you would want to buy this word is considered just dust in the wind.

People focus on the details and they simply forget that an item needs to be more than cash generating to become a bestseller.

At Diamond Essence the bestseller is the item that in spite of its price , no matter if high or low, is speaking through the “words” the person buying considers right.

The bestseller in the jewelry world are nothing but pure rains of perfection and delicate manifestations of the craft under the circumstances that such a piece is mainly focused on bringing out the best in human nature.

In jewelry, a bestseller is something fitting anybody, something truly versatile, easy to match with clothing, delicate by nature , sturdy by the feelings it creates.

The Diamond Essence bestsellers are the ones on the first page of our site. They are changing, of course according to what our clients prefer but if you stick around for a while, you will see that there are also a few items that remain constant.

You will ask why is that and we surely can answer the question. It is not their price , nor is the way they are crafted.

It is simply the message they send. That is what makes them bestsellers.