Makes Sense

A walk to the memory path that has been walked by diamonds

Posted on: August 11, 2009


Once upon a time there was a society in which cocktail parties were something very common and the ladies dressed in designer clothes and sparkling jewelry.

 The age of Audrey Hepburn and of “My fair lady” was know for the trip to Tiffany’s for a diamond necklace and most of all a walk in the summer air at the arm of a gentleman.

The age of Guns’n Roses, heavy metal and hard rock brought , long hair for gentlemen, chains and bracelets, stud earrings and piercing and made popular the man jewelry like something raging and into rebel fashion.

The metro generation, created the myth of romancing in urban areas, with designer rings like “Sex and the City” or simply creating the dream of a Cinderella night out, in a designer dress and expensive diamonds around the neck like in “Maid in Manhattan”.

The point of this post is to underline that diamonds have been there in any age, classy, crazy or romantic, being part of any dream we might have had and now available for any dreamer to have and share with his or her dear ones. The diamonds are here at DiamonanZa…an engagement ring were the stone is the craftsmanship and the ring is the beauty of the passion for jewelry.


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