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The amazing story of a jewel

Posted on: August 16, 2009

The precious gems we jewelers are doing our best to turn into masterpieces are brought both from the depths of the Earth and from the industrial labs. The stones we purchase in a market are analyzed and processed …cut into forms and linked inside the heart of precious metal.

Each stone creates a unique way of expressing the craft and most of all, develop a way to create feelings into their crystalline and complex nature. A perfect pendant with amethyst stone symbolizes a perfect beauty of a truly brave woman, and celebrates the joy of completing a task, whether that task is life, career or love.

An artificial diamond solitaire is the perfect occasion to link two hearts together, complete them and unite them…It can be an engagement ring or a wedding anniversary ring, but nevertheless is the ring for love.

Sapphire earrings celebrate something important that has happened. Whether they are a gift for a graduation or a sign of appreciation for age and beauty, these earrings are a stylish way to celebrate. For each occasion that needs to be marked with a special jewelry, DiamonanZa has in mind a design.1


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