Makes Sense

The mission behind the Diamond Essence art

Posted on: August 18, 2010

Diamond Essence saw in creating jewelry the privilege of beautifying women. The most important steps towards achieving this purpose were the ones able to connect the beauty of the gemstones with feminine beauty.


How did we manage to do that? The spectacular ways of seeing trough the realistic image of what a woman expects from her favorite jewel traveled from the challenge towards the honest need of creating smiles- those smiles that only a sparkling jewel can create.

The steps that followed taught us about being patient enough to discover the right way to fit a jewel on the beauty of a woman and make the woman feel passion for a special piece of jewelry.

We took the right steps in choosing to make art , in choosing to create unique designs and most of all in making the best choices when choosing was needed.

We took upon ourselves to bring beauty into the world and we believe we are doing exactly that.


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