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Summer Dates – What Earrings to Wear?

Posted on: July 29, 2014

When it comes to summer dates, very few guys consider anything but the way their date looks. The painful truth related to relationships is that regardless the conversation , the spirited way of acting during a date, the odds that you guys will end up together for the night or a lifetime are pretty much conditioned by the way you look.

All women know that accessories are part of the big picture but what if there were pieces of jewelry that would send more than a clear message to your significant other?

Your earlobes are extremely erogenous areas in the eyes of men so wearing the right pair of earrings may send the right signal that you are interested in his attention.



Leverback  earrings offer a confident appearance to a woman. They say “I am hard to get but oh…so worth the fight!”  They are able to add a certain air of enticing mystery that men read as seductive.


Hoop earrings offer a playful sexy look. They are ideal for women which want to promise more then kisses to a man. They are usually associated to a diva look, a playful naughty touch and most importantly the sexy side of you.


Drop earrings are the right choice for the women who want to leave room for some conquering. This type of earrings compliments a loose updo or a classy hairstyle. The drop earrings focus the eye on the neckline and take the guys to a place where they can dream of a warm embrace and kiss filled with promise.


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