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Opportunities are rare, let’s take advantage of them

Posted on: July 29, 2009




In a harsh economy that does not allow us to bring gift home to the ones we love , I looked over the web last days and saw a bitter memory spread all over the youth forums.

Somehow people don’t get married anymore…

They don’t seem to realize the importance of this step, the joy of sharing much more than a name and the great importance of being a husband and a wife.

Call me traditionalist but I am used to watch people walking in the street, holding hands…dinning out …proposing in the candle light.

I was used to restrain from offering a drink to a lovely lady if I saw an engagement ring on her finger and … I looked upon the young couples going on honeymoons with joy.

I know this seems …old fashioned… but when I started creating jewels I was driven by the certainty of sharing an art and a joy with the lovers.

This is how I chose the green rocks as my tool.

I work with diamonds and other precious gems …and I turn them into perfection and passion through the love I have for beauty.

Jewels must be more that an item you spend money on. They have to be alive and carry inside them the feeling they were built from.

That is why I chose to create original custom designs.

I believe in power of beauty, in the grace of the perfect combination between a flawlessly cutting of a precious stone and the glitter of precious metal.

In my vision, the jewels are the sparkle of beauty created from that second when the world smiles and meant to underline the beauty of human relationships.

 Diamonanza is here to bring beauty.




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