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Women often forget that guys love pampering too not to mention that a strategically placed piece of jewelry can make a tremendous difference when it comes to a certain guy appearance.

This is why it comes as no surprise that jewelry is among the highest rated gifts a guy can get on his wedding anniversary.

If you are one of those wives who are not afraid their half will shine too much along their side if he wears jewelry here are a few ideas on what to get your significant other on your wedding celebration.

  1. Cufflinks

They are always practical and if your guy is into suits a pair of new dazzling cufflinks is the perfect addition to his sense of style.


  1. Rings

Regardless of what you may think giving him a ring is not inappropriate. If you don’t do do it who is fit to do it? Remember that an elegant ring is not only the marker of style but also a personal distinctive note a man likes to wear.


  1. Bracelets

Bracelets , especially the golden ones are part on the masculine jewelry showing a man is confident of himself. Many guys wear it simply because it makes them feel young but most are enjoying the privilege of a bracelet in the idea that it helps them look very close to the image of the metro-cosmopolitan- self sufficient macho.



Many men dream about seeing the woman of their dreams wearing amazing looking lingerie and also delicate jewelry that she would keep on after the sexy outfit is removed during the hot act of making love.


What most women don’t know is that the right jewel worn with the right lingerie can do wonders for the reaction of a man in love.


Many of us saw on the movie screen or in the soft core red labeled movies, the combination of sexy lingerie and pearls combination which is not always fortunate.


If you want to look like an ingénue ready to be seduced you may of course choose a white lace bodice and a string of white or grey pearls.


If however you man desires a wild night adventure and black string and bra are the items creating your sexy look, a red pendant and a pair of red stud earrings are the right pieces to accompany this outfit.


On the other hand , if you plan to be a seductive temptress wearing nothing under a trench coat make sure you choose a Diamond Essence pear cut pendant to hang on a gold chain along your promising cleavage.


Remember that the clothes always come off during love making but nothing excites a man more then the look of the naked skin caressed by precious gems.


Every season of the year comes with its own trends both in clothes and jewelry, and the wintry cold months are no exception! Since its a time to be safely tucked in warm clothes, a chunky knit and matching jewelry would compliment each other!. The trends over the past years have been around the ‘bold and bulging’ variety with a hybrid of different metals and natural materials like sterling silver and stainless steel. The winter of 2011 – 2012 breathes the same air and it’s also a time of the year to use your antique and vintage collection and complete it with the new, in a thoughtful mix! In the 60s the brooches and pins were a key component to one’s own adornment, but now the necklace has taken a prime place.

Feathered headpieces, fascinating huge hoops and chandelier earrings that go 2 – 4″ down studded with rhinestones and diamonds, are bound to be a sure kill!  Dyed leather cuffs and bold bracelets are generating much rave and the same thing happens when it comes to rings…. be it pearls, natural stones or novelty pieces! Pearls always exude glamour whether simulated or genuine, so use them to add to your ethnic and regional style this winter.

So many future brides see the wedding reception as the moment when they can simply sparkle without any restrain. In many cases this is very true, but in the same number of cases, a future bride may try to overdo her look and add too much sparkle. Here are the basic rules of bridal jewelry and courtesy of Diamond Essence, here are the best tips on how to choose the jewels that will make you look like a princess.

Rule no 1: No more than one eye catcher.

If you don’t want people to stare at your jewelry and forget that you are perfect looking during your best day, avoid carrying more than one eye-catching piece. If you choose a sapphire pendant for something blue , or a string of culture pearls for a classy note, make sure you avoid spectacular earrings.

Rule no 2: Avoid blending the jewelry in.

Not everything must match everything in your outfit. If you choose an ivory dress you can opt for a different color of jewelry to sparkle at your wrist or in your ears. Avoid white in jewelry because they will make the dress look less than it is

At the best of times, choosing an engagement ring is tricky business. Will she like it or wont she, is the eternal worry most men have when choosing one. It can be even trickier when the girl happens to be a professional. The size and the style of the ring become important, as she will be wearing it for the rest of her life, everyday to office.


Huge rocks can cause trouble, as they seem to say she is not serious about the job and is bidding her time until she gets married or has kids. On the other hand, a very small rock may incite plenty of sympathy. An average sized stone is essential.


An engagement ring as a rule should be simple, as it is worn on a daily basis. Do not choose a cocktail ring. A cocktail ring can be very beautiful but it may not be the right thing to wear to the office everyday. In addition, a too huge ring, especially when you have limited means will have people gossiping that it is a fake!


There really is no point in stretching yourself to the extreme for that big impressive rock. You can always buy a simple ring within your means and add to it as time goes by. The stone is easily replaced with diamond of a higher quality with time or one can even add baguettes to it.

Not so long ago it was.


The fashion trends brought into the attention of the large public the type of jewelry that could be afforded by practically everyone and the world was pretty much convinced that if plastic and glass but also wood and regular metal can become the latest trend in jewelry.


The catwalks encouraged fashionable people to take a look into a new kind of jewelry- the one looking good for a better price and that is why jewelry became a way of expression.


Trends come and go but over the centuries gold and silver remained the top materials for high class jewelry.


In a world where diamonds are incased both in platinum and in stainless steel, Diamond Essence considers that beautiful jewelry can be accessible through using simulated stones.


Every bride should have a wedding ring and every teenager should have a beautiful bracelet. Wearing simulated diamonds is not making a compromise, for the craft of making them shine in intricate metal is equal to the one used for the oldest kind of gold jewelry.


Yes…we believe in tradition, but we also believe in fashion. The Diamond Essence stones are able to fit both. They can be impressive traditional jewelry but also cute fashionable things able to fit the latest trend.


The jewelry is no longer just a reason to show off the cash you have. It is an art available to those in love with it.

When people consider beauty they not necessarily stop to analyze the variables of the equation.

What makes a piece of jewelry more beautiful than the other? One would say the taste of the person liking it. If this is the case and the beautiful variables are actually responsible for the impression a person makes on another person, the jewels will have the tender touch of creating the image of somebody.

How many people became noticed in the light of the cameras at select parties simply because of a spectacular jewel they were wearing? How many amazing ladies became famous after being seen with a certain ring on their finger or with a certain sapphire on their seductive cleavage.

The beauty of a jewel is not given by its value but by its fascinating design, delicate glim and sensational impression it creates in the hearts of all those looking at it.

Diamond Essence considers all jewel cosmopolite. Their nobility comes out of the craft which is able to create spectacular stories out of precious metal and shinny gemstones.

In our vision the rubies talk of passionate fires consuming hearts and minds, sapphires are carrying in the world the brilliance and the fascination of creative daring spirits, emeralds are sparks of soul, clarity of thought, pure drops of Earth’s energy while the purple fire of the amethyst is meant to encourage hearts to dream of magical flows and power of logic.

If the jewelry would be the maker of kings we would surely makers of royal like figures.



Men’s jewelry was something considered to be obsolete and so out of fashion until the bling–bling era has made a huge comeback these last years.

The guys became a bit uncomfortable of wearing jewels because the society did not longer consider this being a sign of wealth.

The raw masculinity figure and presence is something that was very popular in the 90’s and the jewels came on the second plan opposite to hairy chests and rebel attitude.

The last years brought to the men a smoother attitude, more elegance, a bit more style and considering this the jewels stepped on the front of the fashion line again.

Jewels are giving to man a certain standard of elegance. They are capable to see the potential in creating an outstanding presence and of course in offering the right steps and the right style choices.

Men’s rings bring personality. Men’s bracelets speak of elegance. Men’s necklaces prove wealth and wellbeing.

So who says only women can wear jewelry?